Victoria Memorial, Calcutta.

Victoria Memorial is one of the places of interest in Kolkata. Built about 100 years ago, this marble building attracts millions of tourists every year. It is never possible to go to Victoria Memorial in Calcutta. You can also see the grounds in front of the Victoria Memorial and St. Paul’s Catholic Church next to it.

You can go from Dhaka to Kolkata by bus, train or by air. We went to Kolkata from Khulna via Benapole by local train. Train fare from Khulna to Benapole is Rs 45, Border Auto fare from Benapole railway station is Rs 10, Auto fare from Petrapole to Bangaon railway station is Rs 30, Train fare from Bangaon to Sealdah railway station is Rs 20, Newmarket area taxi fare from Sealdah is Rs 120.





The first night we took a rest at the hotel and the next morning we took a bus to Victoria Memorial. It takes 5 to 7 minutes to go from Park Street bus stop to Victoria Memorial bus stop and the fare will be seven rupees. Get off the bus and walk straight to the Victoria Memorial Gate.




Tickets at the Victoria Memorial cost Rs 200 for foreigners, Rs 100 for citizens of SAARC countries and Rs 30 for Indians. We
As an Indian, I bought a ticket for 30 rupees and entered the Victoria Memorial. Before that you can ride a horse in front of the ground.

The Victoria Memorial covers a vast area. The lush green garden around the memorial will catch your eye. The party is very clean and tidy. The magnificent building of white marble stands tall from any end of the park. When you see this two-storey building, you really wonder what makes such a beautiful building. As soon as you enter the building, you will see various historical monuments of the British rule. As well as many items and documents used by the Mughals and Nawabs. Turning around for about 2 hours we exited the exit point of the building and went straight to the left.






St. Paul’s Catholic Church stands on the opposite side of the street from Main Street. You must like a wonderful church. To the right of the main gate of the church you will see the Aditya Birla Auditorium. It’s a lot like our country’s novo theater. If you like planets and stars, you can also take a look around this auditorium.

In this way, it is almost afternoon to see everything back. We go back to our hotel and walk around the Newmarket area in the evening.

Take care of the environment while traveling. Nature will take care of you if you take care of nature. Do not throw dirt anywhere, and do not do any work that harms the environment. Happy traveling.


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