Visit for only TK 15,000 (Kolkata, Manali, Delhi)

1) Kolkata (Howrah Bridge, Eden Garden, Vidyasagar Bridge, Victoria Park)
2) Delhi (Agra Taj Mahal, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Agra Fort)
3) Manali (Sonangwali, Rothangas)




We were 2 traveling companions.
Day 1: After dinner I took a bus (Hanif non AC 500 TK) and reached Benapole border in the morning. After breakfast (40 TK) I went to immigration.
Cost: 500+ 40 = 540 TK





On the 2nd day I crossed the border (500 TK) and then I went to Bangaon railway station by auto (30 TK). From Bangaon I took a local train and got off at Sealdah station (20 rupees). It was 11 o’clock then. We reserved a taxi without delay (100 TK). / 2 = 50 TK) Marks Street Aslam. I bought a ticket for Delhi Rajdhani train from a tourist agent on the other side of the Suhag counter (AC 3 tier 2300 TK). Our train stopped at 5 pm and we left the hotel and left our bags at the tourist office and had lunch (Rs. 100 thali). After lunch we hired a taxi to go to Eden Garden and Howrah Bridge (150/2 = 75 TK). After walking around the park (80/2 = 40 rs) I went to Sealdah (70/2 = 35 rs) to get on the train. There was complimentary food on the train.
Cost: 2650 * 1.2 = 3180 + 500 = 3680 tk





On the 3rd day, after getting off at 10 am Delhi station, I crossed the road and went to the office of an agency. There is no ticket from the agency to Manali (TK. 2200).




We rent a hotel for 2 hours (300/2 = 150 TK) for urgent work and after dosal we rent an auto (250/2 = 125 rupees) to take us to India Gate and Lotus Temple. After touring the places by metro rail to Delhi (Paharganj) It is 5 o’clock when I come back (Rs. 30). I reserved an auto to go to Manali car stop from Paharganj (60/2 = 30 rupees). I reached the stand at 5.30 am. After lunch (Rs. 120) I got in the car. About 13 hours. Crossing and reaching Manali (TK. 200 for dinner at night break)
Cost: 2805 * 1.2 = 3366





Day 4: Arrive Manali in the morning and go to the city from the bus stand to fix the hotel (100/2 = 50 rupees)
Had to get a little speed to get 1000 rupees hotel (1000/2 = 500)
After breakfast (Rs. 50) I shared a taxi and left for Ruthangpas and Sunangvali (Rs. 3300/3 = Rs. 1100). The afternoon passed by on horseback. The cost of food was Rs. 100. At night I walked out of the hotel and saw the city on foot.
Cost: 1800 * 1.2 = 2160






Day 5: I woke up and had breakfast (50 rupees) to go around Manali. I took an auto to go around (250/2 = 125 rupees). The juice is good in Manali. I didn’t miss the cherry fruit (150 rupees all). I don’t remember the name of the river. I checked out before leaving and left my bag under the hotel, so I ate lunch outside without any worries (Rs. 120) and left the hotel in the afternoon with the bag and left for Delhi in the evening. Purpose. Tickets were already booked. We ate dinner at break time (Rs. 100) and reached Delhi in the morning.
Total cost: TK





 Day: I came to Delhi and planned to go to Agra. So after breakfast (Rs. 45) I bought a train ticket from Delhi to Agra (Rs. 50) and a ticket from Agra to Kolkata (Rs. 1400). I reached Agra at 12 o’clock. I reserved an auto (300 /). 2 = Rs. 150) to tour Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Taj Mahal entry foreigners have Rs. 500 but there is no shortage of brokers to enter at low cost. Get up. Don’t eat dinner on the train (100 rupees).
On the 7th day, I reached Sealdah at 10 am. I came back and bought a room at Marcstreet (100/2 = 50 rupees) Hotel Iram (1000/2 = 500 rupees AC), had breakfast (50 rupees) and went shopping.
Lunch + Dinner (Rs. 200)





Cost (8 + 7th day): 2865 * 1.2 = 3438 TK

Day 7: After breakfast (Rs. 50) Aslam left for Sealdah (Rs. 80/2 = Rs. 40). By local train to Bangaon (Rs. 20). By auto (Rs. 30) came to the border and crossed the border and left for my country. )
Sohag (550 rupees non AC) left for Dhaka by bus.
Cost: (140 * 1.20 = 168 + 100 + 550 = 818 TK)

Total cost: 540 + 3680 + 3366 + 2160 + 654 + 3438 + 818 = 14656 tk
Unwritten account + 14656 = 15000 tk



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