Visit ‘Ghughudanga’ to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Those who are hungry for nature, their saliva keeps dripping in their minds nonstop in the news of an intense, lively nature.

I have been in turmoil ever since I got the news of the magnificent view of this palm tree in Ghughudanga.
When to go? When to go! When to go.



I finally decided on two decisions.
Many go many ways. I’m talking about how we got there.



I got on the Lalmoni Express from Dhaka. 10.36 pm train. Left at 11.55 pm.
I got off at Santahar station at 8 in the morning.
There is a public toilet next to the station. Freshened up, I went to Baludanga by auto from the side of the station. The rent is 20 rupees per person. Not too far.
This Baludangai is Naogaon Zero Point.



I had breakfast here.
From here the bus named Pegasus goes straight to Niamatpur. The rent is 60 rupees per person.
Those who do not get a direct bus will take the Rajshahi-bound bus and get off at Manda Ferry Ghat stand. Same route.



As soon as we got on the Pegasus and went some distance, the car broke down. Fate and who says! I got off the bus. Empty road. So many passengers. No car.
I got an auto. I got off the Manda ferry in an auto.



From there I went straight to Niamatpur by Mahendra or CNG (bus for a long time).
It was said that I would go down to Niamatpur in an auto, CNG, or van and go to Ghughudanga. Not too far. It will be 12-15 kg.

But there is a brother in Niamatpur market. I told him we had come. Sohaga became gold.
He took her to his showroom. He drank tea. I felt cold in the air. He toured the market and administrative area.


Then he took his bike to our heaven.

From here you can reach the road by 2-3 hours. He took a relatively good road.
Before reaching the row of palm trees, my mind was filled with taitambura.

Vast paddy fields on both sides. Green, green and green. Beautiful road in the middle. Occasionally mud houses. Two-story mud house. The people of the village. Blue sky.
Small mangoes (I enjoy having a field, not a garden).
I will show you the pictures of the scene on the way another day.




I went to Ghughudanga and saw that there was no one but us. Because we have left out Fri-Sat.
I spent time in a silent paradise in the breeze. Then I came back to see the nearby market temple, mosque.



The idea of ​​many is far away. It’s hard to go. Not at all.
We saw it one day, we saw Kusumba Mosque at one o’clock in the afternoon. How much rest in between. Procrastination.
The cost varies from person to person.
We toured for two days. It costs about one and a half thousand TK each.




See pictures. Concentrate. Be restless when thirsty. Go to Ghughudanga.
Life is one. So many imperfections in one life. So as much as you can, give peace of mind.


Make sure the environment is not a little dirty through you.


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