Visit Lalakhal Tea Garden as a saliva and bonus of blue water.

A wonderful green land of natural beauty. The place is quite suitable for feeling the solitude of nature. Dense green forests in the mountains, rivers, tea-gardens and a combination of different species of trees across the saliva. Everywhere you look there is a combination of green and blue.
The way you turnঃ
You can enjoy saliva ride by boat. There are two types of boats without engines and engines. Engine boats will be rented for at least 800-1000 TK and normal boats will be rented for approximately 100-200 rupees. This boat will take you to Zero Point. You will see the real form of the canal while walking.
Arrangement of salivation



There is a prestigious resort next to Lalakhal. You have to pay 5000-10000 TK for 1 night. There is no problem you can stay with your family here. We had 3 friends after hearing the price so we didn’t stay there either. There are more expensive rooms here. It doesn’t seem like much. If you bring a friend and want to stay a little less expensive. Then you have to work a little harder. An interesting gift for you if you want to stay low is that you have to stay on top of the hill on the other side of the canal. Approximately 5-6 locks high hills. There is a great rural system. Work has not yet begun on such arrangements. Even then we were able to stay there. There is a man in Egram who is slowly introducing accommodation. The name of the person in whose house we stayed was: “Nibaran” brother. His house is a complete mud house and Nibaran Bhai’s own hand-built house. Seeing it will fill your mind. He is a very good man. He is a local of this area. So there is no reason to worry. If you want to stay the night, you must go shopping for food. Nibaran Bhai has his own shop where you can shop or if you give him money he will always bring it from the market or you can bring it too. The cost of food depends on you. We spent 350 rupees for food separately. If you want to buy chicken-beef or fish. You can also do BBQ at night if you want. In front of his house there is a large good quality yard. Be careful not to shout too much to rejoice because- the people of the village fall asleep very early. I said this because we 3 friends stayed at his house for 1 night. If there are 2-3 people, he will arrange for us to stay. We stayed at his house for free. We couldn’t pay him even after a lot of pressure. He told us that he would start building more rooms in the future. Then MB can charge 100-150 rupees for each bed. If you want to enjoy the look and tea garden of Lalakhal in the morning, then as a guide to Nibaran Bhai, you can walk all morning and walk around the border area and tea garden in the hills of Lalakhal. He will be very happy if he spends about 500 rupees for his time. It’s not great.









If you want to stay here, you have to go across the canal. One person will be charged 5 TK for crossing the canal. You will see a beautiful and small market on the other side. Next to the market there is a primary school named “Nishchitpur Primary School”. If you ask anyone in the market, they will show you which is Nibaran Bhai’s shop. If you want to stay at his house, you must call him first. If you want to stay there, then you have to inbox me for the phone number.
Arrangements to go to Lalakhal:
You will get local bus of Jaflong from Sylhet bus stand. Get on the bus and go down to Sarighat 30-32 km away. The rent will be approximately 30-35 TK. When you get down to Sarighat and get an auto, they will call you Lalakhal. Lalakhal will get up and go down in the car at a distance of 6 km. The rent will be only 15 TK.
Caution: It is better not to bathe in this canal. The people of the village also forbid bathing in this canal. And if you swim too much, it depends on you.
I wrote first, so if you make a mistake, please forgive me :).


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