Visit Sandakafu ,Sandakafu is the highest peak in West Bengal.

Ghure_Aslam_Sandakfup West Bengal’s highest peak is Sandakfu l altitude about 3600 m l Darjeeling district and West Bengal travel thirsty people should visit at least once in a lifetime Sandakfu l The ideal time is to go to Sandakan at any time of the year except the rainy season. We went at 3:12: 2018. Luckily, the first snowfall of the year was seen, but the amount was much less. Watching the sunrise and sunset over Kanchenjunga from Sandakanfu will be a lifetime experience. The road is suitable for trekking but due to lack of time we have booked a local car Land Rover from Manevanjan. Apart from this terrifying and exciting road this car also has some jeeps and Mahindra Bullero. There are 6 people in a Land Rover. The driver did not take much people. There were eight of us to protect the passengers, so we had to take 2 cars. The fare was 5000 rupees from one night to the next day. Land Rover can be reached on a boulder-laden road. It is very difficult and scary. Currently, most of the roads to Sandakan are made of concrete, so Land Rover can be easily reached by family with Sandakan. But the last 10 km road is very scary and climbs steep hills. . There is a huge steep ditch on both sides which makes the body tremble. What is true faith and trust cannot be understood without traveling with the driver of that road?





We all headed to Sandakanfu from Manebhanjan at 10 a.m. We hovered in 4 places and reached around 3 a.m. At Sandakanfu then the temperature was between 10 degrees to 12 degrees with clouds floating and chilly cold. The weather was not clear so I was a little scared to see Kanchenjunga. But I got up at 5 in the morning to watch the sunrise. I didn’t feel cold because the hotel rooms were decorated with wood, but when I reached the roof of the hotel at 5 o’clock, I realized that the temperature was cold – 2 degrees, so the water in the tank froze and turned to ice.











If you want to go to Sandakan, you have to spend the night at Manevanjan and reach Sandakan by land rover the next morning. The distance is 31 kilometers and it takes three to four hours. This Manevanjan valley is like a bowl in the middle of the hill. Shops, hotels, small town Manevanjan with houses of local people. Take a look around Kalipokhari. All of these places are night halts for trekkers, so there are a number of home-stays or hotels everywhere. Breakfast or lunch at any place is also very satisfying. Don’t forget to try it


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