Visit Siniolchur from Panchagarh.

Apart from Panchagarh and Kanchenjunga, Siniolchu is one of the surrounding mountains.

When I reached near Banglabandha to see Siniolchu, there were 5 minutes left till 6 o’clock in the morning. This time the purpose was not Kanchenjunga. Siniolchu is one of the highest mountains in Sikkim. Siniolchuke is considered one of the most beautiful snow mountains. Siniolchu stands alone to the east of the peak of Kanchenjunga, with a golden glow at the top. The paddy field below is also golden in color. It was shining brighter in the golden light of dawn. Last year I saw and knew about Siniolchur but not many pictures were taken. The first mountaineer to conquer the 6888-meter-high mountain was Karl Weinen in 1936. Sikkimese mountaineers Sonam Gatso and Siniolchu later won.









Siniolchu cannot be seen from all the places of Panchagarh. A little can be seen from the Tetulia Dak Bungalow but not that much. Because the mountain range of Darjeeling falls in front. Siniolchu can be seen as far east as possible from Tetulia. This picture was taken from a village east of Shalbahan.

Apart from visiting Kanchenjunga from Panchagarh, you can also get Siniolchur’s moments as a bonus.


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