Visit Sunamganj, Barikkatilla, Jadukata River, Shimul Bagan and Shaheed Siraj Lake.

Now is not the time to visit this beautiful district of Sylhet.

There is less water in the same haor. Most parts have dried up and the horizon has become a wide field. Wherever you look, there are paddy fields and open fields.

On the other hand, there is nothing to grow flowers in Shimul garden.




In Sunamganj, get off the bus at least 150-200 km. The bike has to give a round trip. Now there is no way to move without the bike.

On the first day we went to Shimul Bagan in Taherpur. Even if there are no flowers this season, the royal trees will attract your special attention.

Go to Barikka Tila or Barik Tila. This area on the Indo-Bangladesh border is so beautiful that no one has the ability to type it.

After that I went to Niladri. However, we could not take pictures or videos due to lack of light.

After that, we all sat in a boat in front of a canal in Badhaghat Union and rejoiced.







On the second day we went to Tanguar Haor. I had to ride my bike for about two hours. We have seen thousands of bucks flying from far away even though there is less water.


Dhaka-Sunamganj Shyamli non AC 500 and a half TK.

Bike rental depends on the season.

Parvaran to enjoy the haor in the rainy season.

You will be able to enjoy the real time of Shimul Bagan in January-February

# Note: This country and environment is ours, so it is our responsibility to capture the beauty of these amazing places. So please, do not do any work that spoils the environment.
So don’t throw water bottles or polythene wherever you go. Be aware of yourself and make others aware if necessary.:


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