Visit the Golden Bay north of the southern islands of New Zealand.

Abel Tasman is a new sight in the north of the southern islands of New Zealand. The number of visitors to this national park is gradually increasing every year. Many also moved to the Abel Tasman area for kayaking. This protected coastal area is becoming known for its clear blue waters and beautiful wooden cottages built along its shores. In particular, Abel Tasman is currently the busiest area to travel to another coastal region, 60 km from Abel Tasman.





Outside of its northerly rocky headland, Golden-Bay is becoming quite popular with visitors. The Europeans first came here in 1842, who later fled the Abel Tasman area. Four Dutch sailors were killed in the riots, which sparked local and European cultural riots. Abel Tasman was also known as Murder Bay for this incident.

But after the Gold Rush in the early nineteenth century, it became known as the Golden Bay, and in 2014 the name was officially recognized in New Zealand. With a sunny environment, the bay has developed into a resort with a natural sanctuary.

Along with all kinds of marine activities, the camping festival has started. Due to the controlled and safe environment, the number of people gathering here is quite good. So the Golden Bay has taken place in everyone’s mind as a famous sight in New Zealand.

Golden Bay by road
A single road called the Scanner connects the Golden Bay with other states. The Golden Bay can also be reached by hiking a separate trail on the site connected to the State Highway from the outside and inside. Although this place is located 100 kilometers west of Nesson, it is not less than 100 kilometers from the city or town. So it is easy to go back to the wilderness from urban life by going here. Natural life can be enjoyed.

The Golden Bay has a hill 691 meters high. In which every trail to go has been marked. But you can’t reach the top easily if you want to. Shortly before the summit, you have to walk about 12 kilometers on a completely unknown road. That place is known as the Canadian of the Rings. Most of the visitors go astray as the road is winding and going in different directions. So if you want to reach this mountain out of the Golden Bay, you have to follow the right trail.








While walking on this trail after going to Golden Bay, keep in mind that the roads to the east have gone to the town of Bahara and the roads to the north have reached Abel Tasman National Park. Upon arrival the extra roads lead to two quieter towns called Takaka and Collingwood. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Things to do after going to Golden Bay

There are several indigenous communities in its vicinity. If you enjoy traveling with different cultures or getting acquainted with their daily life, you can spend a few days with these indigenous communities. This may cause you to lose a few days, but try if you have more time. Apart from these, there is a lot of activity in Golden Bay. Such as the trekking of some of the flat rocks of Abel Tasman.

There are about 5 to 7 days trekking trails on the rocky path from one to the other in the Gulf region. You can go down these trails if you want. You may be camping by a waterfall along the way. Several large rocky waterfalls can be seen in the hills on its south coast. You can also kayak from the Tata coast to Pupanga Beach or take a walk from Wainwright Falls to visit various art galleries and studios of local artists.

In the spring days in this ocean region you will see the cleanest water waves in the world. The local bars often host small New Zealand folk music festivals. You will be able to spend a good night at these live festivals. All in all this is for several days of comfortable travel

You will see Shag, Turnstone, Pied Oystercaster, Godweight, Caspian Turn, White Fronted Turn, Australasian Gannets and Banded Dot Trail as well as spring seals in the sun. Naturally, if you ask some locals, you will find that Golden Bay is one of the most secluded and comfortable eco-tourism spots in New Zealand. So this Golden Bay in New Zealand can be one of the options for all other giggling tourist spots to share the joy with family or friends.


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