Visit the Haqqani Jame Mosque in Noakhali to see the beauty.

The Haqqani Jame Mosque is located in the house of Hashem Saudagar in Kabilpur village of Kabilpur union in Senbagh upazila of Noakhali district. The mosque is an expensive and beautiful 3 storey mosque in Chittagong division. The magnificent mosque is known to the locals as the mosque of Hashem Saudagar. Due to its beauty and vastness, it can be called one of the most attractive and beautiful mosques in Bangladesh.




It is known that the Haqqani Jame Mosque was built on a very small scale in the early 80’s with the help of Hashem Houdagar Bari and the people of the area. Later, the Haqqani Jame Mosque was rebuilt in 2006 with funding from Abul Khair Group Company. The construction work was completed in 2010.

High quality materials have been used in the construction of the mosque. At a glance from a distance, people are attracted to the side of the mosque. Besides, several big stalls have been set up next to the mosque. There are car parking facilities.




Every Friday afternoon at the stalls in the field, arrangements have been made to entertain people from far and wide and the poor and helpless with the funding of Abul Khair Group Company. So as soon as most of the people come here on Friday, people from remote areas of the country including the district town gather here to see the mosque and offer prayers here. The construction of the mosque has cost around Tk 9 crore.

At present there is a Noorani and Hefzkhana with two locks on the north side of the mosque, a huge Eidgah on the east side and a shrine on the south side. Hafeez Mohammad, a resident of Kabilpur village, has been serving as the Imam of this Haqqani Jame Mosque since 1999. Shahadat Hossain.





Local Mamun Mia said the mosque was rebuilt by Abul Khair’s group company at its own expense. He is a great help to the poor, helpless and destitute people here. It goes without saying that there is no unemployment in the vicinity. He has arranged jobs for all educated unemployed youth.

He said many people come here from far and wide to see the mosque. Especially on holidays there is a little crowd of people. There is a madrasa next to the mosque. The poor students here can study in the madrasa for free. And different types of stones have been used in the construction of the mosque. Which is a lot of beauty after the construction of the mosque. The mosque has 4 big minarets. 3 small and big domes.


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