Visit the zamindar’s house on a rainy holiday.

It has been raining incessantly since morning,
The rain stopped at noon but the haughty Akash’s mind was not full when he could cry again. The sky is overcast.
Nah, I don’t like what I do, what I do.

The friend said let’s go to Narsingdi! I looked up at the sky and saw that Budd was arrogant.
Thinking so much away, I replied, “Let’s go.”
There is no time, you have to cross the path of two hours, so time cannot be wasted.





Oh, our destination is Narsingdi! But where to go to Narsingdi?

Without thinking, I said Lakshan Saha zamindar house!
The friend also said, “Let’s go and get somewhere. I have to get on the bus first and then sit on the bus and make plans. Now there is no time.”
Later the final is going to Lakshan Saha’s zamindar’s house. Then I bought a BRTC bus ticket from Kuril Biswaroad, crossed the Kanchan Bridge, and went to Maya Bari at 2:40.





From there there is local auto / CNG in Dhanga union of Palash Upazila of Narsingdi, I got in the auto from Maya Bari and within 2/3 minutes the auto was full,
It took us 30/35 minutes to reach Danga.
I got down there and took a rickshaw to the lawyer’s house.
This Ukil Bari is Lakshan Saha Zamindar Bari which is known to the locals as Ukil Bari / Rajbari.

He got down the rickshaw and said it will take 2/1 minutes to walk a little ahead.





This time we leave the paved road and walk on the light muddy road for two minutes on a rainy day and stand in front of Lakshan Saha zamindar’s house.
Now you do not know at a glance the previous history of the zamindar house?

Lakshan Saha’s zamindar house built during the Mughal period in Joynagar area of ​​Danga union of Palash upazila of Narsingdi is a witness of the present day. A half-built old house with a gardens at the back of the house, the house and the garden surrounded by high walls, a beautiful pond and a paved ghat of the zamindar house built at that time, a large altar for worship next to the pond, the huge zamindar house now owned by Ahmed Ali It is said that after independence, the house became known as the house of a lawyer. It is learned that after independence, the grandson of zamindar Lakshan Saha, Buddhist Narayan Saha sold all the property left by the zamindar to Ahmed Ali and moved to Narayanganj. Mohammad Ali also lives in Narayanganj.A local elder named Siddiqur Rahman said that Nikunj Saha, zamindar Lakshan Saha, There were three sons named Perimohan Saha and Banku Saha. After the death of the zamindar, they took care of the property. Banku Saha left for India during the Partition. Later, before the rise of Bangladesh, Nikunja Saha also left for India. The youngest son of the zamindar, Perimohan Saha, had a son named Narayan Saha, a Buddhist. After Perimohan’s death, Buddhist Narayan sold the property. However, after the sale, an organization called the Hindu Community Trust of the area filed a case in the court claiming the property was Debottar. The case is still ongoing. Saber-ul-Hai, chairman of Danga Union Parishad, said the ancient zamindar house is a tradition of the union. Initiatives have been taken by the Deputy Commissioner to preserve it and make it a place of interest → (taken from Google).

Next to it is the house of Sudan Saha Zamindar. There are human settlements there, so you will visit in an orderly manner. After spending some time there, I went to Kund Saha’s zamindar’s house, which is now abandoned.
If you go in front of the house, it will look like you are standing in front of a ghost house.
Inside, the forest is overgrown with weeds and damp, but the house is larger in size than the other two.
I entered, although I didn’t really believe in ghosts, but when I stood here and spoke with a little sound, the words became synonymous with ghosts and entered my ears.
After a while, I saw the mischief and turned around and took pictures.
In the meanwhile, the evening is approaching and if the cloudy sky rains, we will have to face problems
Thinking this, I left the place quickly and returned as before.
On our way back to Dhaka, it seemed like 8 or 8:30 at night.
♦ Cost:
♦ Kuril Biswaroad to Maya Bari 25 / =
 Maya Bari to Danga 40 / =
♦ Danga to Ukil Bari 20 / = Rickshaw (2 persons)

 Total cost with return 90 + 90 = 180 / = (per person)

Note: Do not pollute the environment by throwing dirty garbage wherever you go.
And always use it well, remember that use is the identity of the clan.


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