Visit to Teota zamindar BARI in Manikganj.

I wanted to go to it for a long time. Although for many it is nothing to look at, it runs as an abandoned house but to me the zamindar house means to feel the life of a hundred years ago, to write the story of another time in every brick masonry of the house. That story is not seen with the naked eye.




History of Teota zamindar house Teota Zamindar Bari is an ancient zamindar house and archeological site in Shibalaya Upazila of Manikganj district. It is located in a village called Teota in the Upazila.


According to historians, this manor house was built in the seventeenth century. It was built by a zamindar named Panchanan Sen. According to legend, Panchanan Sen was at one time very poor and built this palace in the Dinajpur region after he became the owner of a large fortune by producing tobacco. Later, two persons named Jayashankar and Hemshankar established zamindari here. After the partition of India, when they both left for India, the house was abandoned.


♣ ️ Infrastructureঃ
The Teota zamindar house is set up on a total land of 7.38 acres. Around the main palace, there are more different types of installations and a large pond. The main building of the palace is known as Laldighi Bhavan. There is also a Natmandir here. There are also Navaratna Math and several other Maths. There are a total of 55 rooms in all the buildings.


ঃ Transportation system:
From Gabtali to Paturia-bound BRTC / Selfie Paribahan bus, get off at Uthli in Manikganj and from there you can reach Aricha Ghat at a fare of Tk. You can come here directly by auto or rickshaw from Aricha.


️ ️ Food: Baishakhi Hotel at Aricha Ghat is of very good quality for lunch.


N.B- Wherever you go, make sure that the environment is not ruined. Remove the dirt to the designated place. Everyone will be aware to protect the environment here.

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