Wandering in the dream kingdom of Khum.

Padmajhiri-Devtapahar-Amiyakhum-Satvaikhum-Velakhum-Naikhyang Lake-Nafakhum-Remakri-Tindu-Barapathar-Sangu

Those who have thought of traveling the world, come here a little, that is, turn to Bandarban first.
Bandarban is a perfect place, especially for those who are already in love with mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Although I have traveled to many places in Bangladesh, I sat for a long time with the dissatisfaction of going to this place, finally that waiting period came to an end.
Again, it can be said that a dream has come true as a traveler, I am giving the description of that journey today.






November 21, 2018
The official journey of our 12-member team started on the first trip of Eastern Transport from Chittagong to Bandarban at 6:10 am (unofficially the bus dropped us off at Bandarban at around 9:30 am. The pre-arranged moon car was waiting for us at the bus stand.) We got up, went to the hotel, finished breakfast and left for Thanchi.
It is to be noted that a group of 5 people from Chittagong came with us in Bandarban, which means we became a huge team of 16 people. However, on the way to Thanchi, ID cards had to be submitted and signed twice at the BGB camp, and in some places there were checkpoints or washrooms. As it was a holiday on him, there was a huge crowd at every point that day. However, our driver Mama pulled his Land Cruiser with the speed of the storm and we reached Thanchi within (2) hours.




Here too our guide “Ukhiram” was already waiting at the stand. So Thanchi went down to “eat rice at the hotel, buy some shoes and food items, submit ID cards at the police camp and take group pictures, write your identity at the BGB camp, rent a life jacket for everyone, change your dress for trekking and get ready for the network for 3 days.” Talking to the family once before going out “It takes us about 3 hours to do these things. Then we got on the boat and after about 30 minutes we reached Padmamukh and from here we started our vast trekking path at exactly 4:10 minutes along Padmajhiri.








Winter is one of the reasons and early evening in the mountains is another reason why we all have to turn on the torch light after 1 hour. That means we had to do the whole trekking at night. On the way we found three neighborhoods in which we took a breakfast break in Harishchandra Para and at other times we rested at different points. Walking along the slippery cliffs in the dark, crossing canals with cold water in Kankan, crossing innumerable high Viagra mountains, and finally facing the gayal (wild type) were all terrifying experiences of this trek. It is better not to calculate how many times on the way the two legs became paralyzed due to the tension in the leg vein and how much the shoulder was hurting under the weight of the life jacket + bag. When we reached Jinapara, our place of residence, it was about 10:15 pm. Ukhi Da had already arranged the place to stay. Everyone’s body was numb then, some of them fell asleep on the ground without being fresh and ate. It should be noted that during the trek, it took us 6 hours despite leaving behind 3-4 groups in front of us.









To be honest, we never imagined that this 8 hour trek on the 1st day would be so hard and difficult for us. Out of 16 people, 4 of us traveled 48 km on the Keokradong route. There was experience of trekking, but the condition of these 4 people also became strange.

November 22, 2018
It took a while for everyone to get out of the 1st day trauma, because many people took different medicines and fell asleep. So we are a little late. We leave for Amiyakhum at 10 in the morning after eating delicious egg khichuri made by Sadu Da and Didi. First we have to cross a huge Viagra mountain, they are actually the younger brothers of Devata mountain, just keep going up, after about 45 minutes of trekking we reach the top of the famous Devata mountain, now it is our turn to descend. The big problem with climbing this hill is that it is 80 ° steep, with a narrow winding path, huge rocks and tree trunks falling from time to time. It is impossible to get down, so you have to be careful, as a bonus, there is pain in the knee joint! However, by 12 noon we reached the bottom of the hill. After descending the hill, Velakhum on the right and Amiyakhum-Satvaikhum on the left. As soon as you go to any khume, you have to lift the rock for about 10 minutes. So we first go to Amiyakhum.
The biggest beauty of Amiyakhum is its clear green water and the huge mountains that surround it. Camping is one of the best places to spend the full moon. The water was so cold that all but a few did not go down to take a bath. Devtapahar slammed into our stomachs. So to stop this fight, Ukhi Da and Akuran Da (who was the assistant guide for today) put the Maggie noodles in a quick bag and cooked them. After eating noodles and taking pictures, we went to Velakhum.










Personally, Velakhum didn’t look as interesting as we saw in the picture. The distance is only 5-6 minutes to come and go, and the number of rafts is less than the number of people, you can go to that side by raft and walk again to Naikshyong Lake. However, climbing a bamboo raft over the clear water between the two hills or driving by yourself provides a slightly different experience. When the rafting is over, it is over 4:30 pm, but we have to reach the top of Devtapahar by any means before it gets dark. So we left for Jinapara without a moment’s delay. There was a risk to get down, this time to get up and start

Hapani. However, it can be said that we got up much sooner and with less trouble than when we got down. When the sun goes down, we are at the top of the mountain of gods. After resting for a while, we mixed glucose and walked to our destination with a red salute. On the way, I heard a call from someone and I looked back and saw the full moon staring at us with its enchanting beauty. It really filled my mind as if the fatigue of the whole day had ended here. We reached Jinapara around 8:30 pm. After having tea and breakfast, having a chat, finishing various calculations, we finished our dinner with the mountain chickens which were slaughtered in the morning, the food was delicious! Even though the 2nd day was so hard, why was there no fatigue like the previous day, maybe we have given up on the beauty of the waterfalls and the mountains!

November 23, 2018
Today we will go to Remakri around Nafakhum, so there was no hurry. I left at 10 in the morning like the day before. Before saying goodbye to Jinapara, we have to say something about this neighborhood. The neighborhood is big enough, it can be called the top of a hill, the people of the neighborhood are incredibly good and beautiful but their cooking was incomparable, whenever I ate I took 2-3 plates.
The road from Jinapara to Nafakhum is unusually beautiful, one has to walk on sand and rocks along the banks of Remakri canal, sometimes one has to cross the canal and the water of a canal can be so clear that one would never believe it with the naked eye, say Subhan Allah. After walking for two and a half hours, we reached Nafakhum. Jhiri’s voice could be heard from a distance when I came, and when I came, everyone was looking at this beautiful Mayawati with a yes for a while. One by one everyone jumped into the water without delay, some with life jackets or some without. A terrible thing happened here, I am saying towards the end, now I do not want to spoil the mood of me or any of you.

So .. how do you like Nafakhum ?? The answer to this question is in one word- “The best achievement of this tour is for each of us, not just me!” If you don’t see it live, you will never be able to tell anyone through pictures or videos how awesome this amazing creation of God is. The clear water like a mirror, the sound of the water falling, the huge fish in the water, the beauty around and the heavenly feeling after getting into the water, everything is etched in our minds for a lifetime.

We could not get down in Amiyakhum for the cold, but it was not cold here, but we forgot it.

So after taking a bath, jumping, taking pictures, we went to Nafakhum Para, which is right next to us, and did not have lunch. Here too the items were mountain chicken and the cooking was incomparable. In the words of the poet, “If you don’t want to go, you still have to go, you have to go”. We told Rupavati Nafakhum about Tata and left for Remakri. At that time, the time on the clock was 4:10. If we describe the way to Remakri from Nafakhum, it is terrible. About 5-6 times Remakri canal is crossed. As before Nafakhum the currents and water were less, after Nafakhum its reverse. Ukhida also showed us the strong currents, knee / waist water, slippery rocks under the water, and the place where a boy died in October. We got knee-deep water there, but in the rainy season there are plenty of streams and gullies, when we have to cross the ropes. However, accompanied by a little bit of fear in the dark, we finally reached Remakri at 6:30 pm. Here again the Sangu river has to be crossed This means that the Remakri canal merged with the Sangu river here after walking with us. But seeing the beauty of the place, I didn’t even notice that everyone had crossed the river holding everyone’s hands!
Then we went upstairs to the only place called Shirbili Cottage where we left our bags and sacks and went downstairs to have breakfast.










It was a full moon night, and the moon was seen as if it were “standing proudly from the bottom of two foggy hills, with Chandmama spreading a sparkle of beauty on another small hill in all its splendor.” I don’t think anyone can explain the beauty. In fact, there are a few more full moons to spend there, I have already taken that oath.

It goes without saying that we were not tired this night, the trekking was less difficult than the last 2 days, the beauty was more, finally the memory of enjoying the full moon by campfire on the banks of Remakri Falls and Sangu river will be immortalized forever.

We had a bad meal at night, the only one on this tour. Although there were no complaints about staying in Shirbili Cottage, the food at the hotel under the cottage was very disgusting. I’m bringing him bamboo at will, but I haven’t been able to calm my stomach yet. So I would suggest everyone to eat in the hotels on the lower fence. We had breakfast downstairs. So none of us slept well because of dinner, but it was less cold here than the previous 2 nights, maybe because of the river bank.

October 24, 2018
I woke up in the morning and saw a different remake in the fog. We were in a hurry on this day, because the last bus from Bandarban to Chittagong was at 6:30 pm. So after 10 am we had a photo shoot at Remakri Falls and after breakfast we got on the boat and left for Thanchi. This is a boat trip but completely different. The boat is moving at the speed of a storm in such a way that the boat is about to overturn on a long boat with turbines on one side, two sailors with oars on both sides, hills on both sides and small and big rocks or on either side. A place before the big stone

We all had to get off, because the current is a bit high here, the boat could overturn with 6 people. Then I got on the boat again and after a while I reached a place called “Barapathar”. The big white stone is standing like a king on the river, our boat is running by drawing them. Here you will not be able to park the boat even for a moment, you will feed the house on the rocks with the current, one of our oarsmen went to the current after the oar, later rescued with great difficulty. We have an action selfie in this place, you will get an idea of ​​how beautiful the place is and how clean the water is. This thrilling two-hour trek along the river was the last adventure of our tour. About 12 o’clock we reached Thanchi. Then back to the life jacket again, talking to the family and getting into the moon car at the end of various chores. Although the car started driving at 1 pm, it took 5 pm to reach Bandarban, as road work was going on on the way and we had to stand in one place for a long time. After getting off at Bandarban and eating rice, we got on the Purbani Paribahan bus at 6 pm and reached Chittagong at 9 pm. This is where our journey officially ends.

Keokradong-Bagalek-Cox’s Bazar-Saint Martin These places are also beautiful, but the state of Khum is different. It can be called “terribly beautiful”. These mountains, the people of the mountains, their minds are all huge. If the rivers of clear water like mirrors, rhymes and waterfalls and the most beautiful waterfalls of the country come together then this place can never be compared. So those who are accustomed to trekking and travel-loving should come here at least once in their life.




Warning ::
After coming to Nafakhum, one of our brothers inadvertently slipped on a rock with a bag on his shoulder and fell into the water. He did not know how to swim. Fortunately, some tourists were already bathing there. They came and saved his brother.
As we were descending from Devtapahar, one of our friends was about to fall down, he was in slight pain.
On the way from Amiyakhum, I slipped and fell while crossing the water, Alhamdulillah ‌ nothing happened, the rocks under the water are very slippery.
One friend got leg pain at least 4-5 times in the whole tour, trekking in a kind of lameness.
So everyone be very careful …
✓ When crossing any slippery place, one will cross holding the hand of the other.
 At the beginning of the trek, the guide will tell Mama to take bamboo in his hand.
Keep a torch light for the night, a towel for the sun and sunglasses.
 Shoes with good grip for trekking, especially the ones that are available in Thanchi for Rs 120 are the best. Anyone who wears Converse type shoes is in great danger.
The shoulder bag is as good as it can be kept light.
 Take 3 photocopies of National Identity Card with you, 2 on the way to Thanchi and submit to 1 Thanchi.
 Jhiri water is the only source for drinking water.
 After Thanchi, there is no more electricity, so take it with power bank and camera-mobile full charge.
✓ Only in Thuisapara one can talk in a fancy way by keeping the mobile in front of the bamboo, besides there is no network anywhere else.
✓ Keep a first aid box + essentials with you.
Always try to stay together and follow the guide.
 It is very important to adhere to the time on this type of tour, keep that in mind.

 Time to go ::
September-December [There will be water, trekking will be less difficult]
Jan-March [Water will be low, but trekking will be relatively easy]
There will be plenty of currents in the rainy season, trekking will be very difficult and scary, but the water will be the most.

Our guide Ukhiram Dar number: 01535035686
Chittagong-Bandarban-Chittagong bus: 110 + 110 per person
Bandarban-Thanchi-Bandarban moon car: 12500 / –
Boat: 4000 / – (coming and going, 6 people in one boat)
Guide: 5000 / – (Our stay and food)
Living in Jinapara: 150 / – per person (per night)
Eating: Egg khichuri / rice 120 / -, chicken rice 150 / -, with pulses, vegetables, potatoes.
It cost us around Rs 4,000 per person.
Our trip was 3 nights and 4 days.

Note: Please do not throw anything like polythene in river or canal water or in Jhiripath. Make sure that the beauty is the same as it was before we left. And of course don’t treat the hill people badly.


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