Ways and costs to travel from Chittagong to Kutubdia Island.

1. From Bahaddarhat bus stand of Chittagong or from the bus stand of New Bridge to Chakaria / any bus going to Cox’s Bazar can be reached. However, J.B. It is better to go by express, S Alam or Saudia direct bus. It will take about two and a half to three hours to go around Chakraborty with a bus fare of 150-160 tk. Local CNG from Chakaria bus stand will cost 60-70 tk per person (reserve 260-320 tk) to go to Magnama Ghat. It will take about 40-50 minutes. From Magnama Ghat to Baraghop Ghat by Denis boat fare is 40 tk maximum, speed boat fare is more. MB seems to be 60 tk.


Another way.
* 2. From Chittagong Railway Station you can take Bus No. 2 to Baddarhat Bus Terminal! From Bus Terminal to Baskhali Super (there are other buses but it is the best) by bus to Magnama Ghat, fare is 150 Taka about 4 hours. From Magnama Ghat Denis boat fare to Baraghop Ghat is 40 tk maximum,


Another way.
** 3 From Firinga Bazar Bridgeghat in Chittagong at 7:30 am to 8:30 am you can go directly to Baraghop Ghat of Kutubdia Island by engine wood boat at 100 tk per person.


Another way.
* 4. Besides, you can go to Magnama Ghat from Chittagong’s new bridge with CNG for 180tk per person in 2-3 hours.

So many people call it the Virgin Sea Beach or Private Sea Beach in Bangladesh. Light House Beach is a very clean beach. You will not see a single piece of paper or plastic on this beach. Instead, you will see huge ships floating in the distance, red crabs running freely, fishermen’s angina, and a huge body of water. It will feel like a land bought by yourself. Where only you


Let’s see how:
Day 1: –
We went from Brakshanbaria
The Mahanagar Express arrives in Chittagong by train at 11 pm from Brakshanbaria and then we have breakfast at 5 am. If you ask someone from the front of the station, they will tell you where to go to the new bridge junction. From where you can get CNG. There are a lot of NGOs standing at the new bridge junction at 10tk per person. From the new bridge junction again by CNG 180 tk per person 2 hours 3 I went to Magnama Ghat within 0 m. From Magnama Ghat I went to Bode for 40 tk per person. It looks like (there are two ghats on this island, one is Baraghop Ghat and one is Darbar Ghat.
There is auto from Baraghop Ghat to Hotel Samudra Bilas for 15 tk per person. There is an arrangement to stay in a post bungalow next to Hotel Samudra Bilas. It will cost 400/500 for 4 people to stay.


We first went to the post bungalow asking for 500 for 4 people then I didn’t say anything else because none of the 4 of us liked to see the e-room so much. You can’t stay. If you want to stay, you can see the room. Anyway, we were at Hotel Samudra Bilas. The hotel manager is asking for 1500 tk. Speaking of which, the student agreed to pay 1200 tk with great difficulty (2 people can have 4 beds in one room). When I go to the hotel room, it is at 9 o’clock. I am very tired, then I left my bag in the room and went to take a bath. When he came back, he took a bath in the bathroom and freshened up. Then he felt very hungry. He ate lunch at 11 o’clock.


Then tired Shirley takes a nap. I woke up in the afternoon and went to the wind power sea-beach. Samudra Bilas Hotel was next to the beach in Baraghop Bazar. Along with the wind power plant sea-beach. This seems to be the most beautiful beach to spend time from afternoon to evening. Then when it was getting late, I went for a walk along the beach to Aslam Hotel. It was night. After eating at night, I sat in the white of the hotel and chatted. I was there till 2 o’clock at night.


And at night, if you want, you can walk to the beach in front of the hotel. But don’t be afraid of dogs. There are a lot of dogs, but they won’t do anything very friendly to you. You will be lost when you see the red and yellow lights of the ship burning.
It is good to remember that all the shops are closed at 10/11 pm in Kutubdia. So if you are fenced at this time, you will not be fenced alone. Although security is not a problem, it is better to be careful.

2nd day:
The plan was to wake up in the morning and see the sunrise from Hotel Saad, but I didn’t see it because of sleep. The sea can be seen from this hotel’s Saad. The view from Hotel Saad takes juice. To see the lighthouse beach, you can walk along the beach on the right side of the hotel to the lighthouse beach. When I got out of the hotel, I asked a man how long it would take to get to the lighthouse beach. I couldn’t believe it. According to my information, it will take more time. Later I asked another person saying that it will take 1 hour to walk to Tari. Then I started walking. After walking 40 meters on the right side of the beach, I saw Zhou forest. People were working. I asked them how long it would take them from Zhaoban. They said it would take another 1 hour to walk and then they didn’t go. They may take some time to two hours from Vail Really did it, Tarin.

This island is very big

After spending some time taking pictures, I came back to the room at 12 o’clock. Then I left the lunchtime. After a while, it started raining. This is the first time I came to see the sea and saw Brishti Mama, then I sat on the big veranda of the hotel restaurant and enjoyed the rain…

He felt differently. After waiting for a long time, the rain subsided. I came out at around 4 am. I came to Baraghop Ghat by car with 15 rupees per person from the hotel side. G or get a bus. It was a rainy day, they were getting dark, so I took the bus to the Direk New Bridge junction and paid 150 tk per person. N) It ​​takes 3 hours to come. I didn’t come by CNG. It’s already evening. If there is any problem with CNG, it is a long journey on the road. I go to the station from New Bridge with CNG. There is a lot of time left to leave the Nishita train at 11 pm so I spent time chatting. It was a time without the train. I got on the train and reached my hometown Brakshanbaria in the morning.


Some facilities of the hotel in the sea luxury
** Hotel restaurant food quality is very good on this island and there is no other (hotel + restaurant) like this. Good food is available in the middle. There are more food hotels in the vicinity of Bismillah Hotel, New Al Medina Hotel will show you if you tell anyone.
** Don’t forget Finney at the restaurant of this hotel in the field. We didn’t miss Finney after the meal. We ate Finney and enjoyed the sea sitting on the balcony.
** From this hotel restaurant you can see the sea from very close. This restaurant has a very large seating area like two verandas (chat + sea) which can be seen after 2/3 hours.
Some more information: –
You can walk 10 km to the right from Baraghop Bazaar to the lighthouse for 2-3 hours!

Or, .. ** if broken.
From Baraghop Bazar to Dhurang Bazar 20 rupees per person than from Dhurang to Light House or Batighar 10 rupees per person! Rickshaw, get off the CNG, and ask someone to show you the lighthouse beach!
And while backing, you can take 120 rupees in a 3/4 rickshaw from the lighthouse

Cost …
I did not pay the cost of the food because I paid the food according to my needs and gave an approximate cost. At this price, the food will be beautiful.
Breakfast: 40/50
Lunch: -120 / 150
Dinner: -120 / 130
There were 4 of us. The total cost per person was 1750 tk.

BD7: Do not leave any dirty garbage while traveling. Make it a habit to throw dirty garbage at certain places. Also, while eating Biryani, refrain from leaving Biryani packets and water bottles.


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