Welcome to Tallinn

Welcome to Tallinn, a beautiful jewel in the country of Estonia.

And probably the most underrated city in Scandinavia!

When we were planning a trip to Scandinavia, I really wanted to visit some less famous cities. As a person who wants to see the world (and I mean every single country!), I think it’s important to see some “hidden jewels” which tourists often forget. Estonia is definitely one of those places.

Tallinn is a remarkably well-preserved medieval city, complete with ancient city walls made from limestone, a picturesque town hall, and brightly coloured buildings lining cobble streets.

Hotel cost: £90 per night (9604 taka)

My favourite place in Tallinn was the Old Town, I spent a full 2 days just exploring Old town!

• Town Hall Square
• St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
• Cathedral of Saint Mary
• Kiek in de Kök
• Saint Nicholas’ Church
• St Catherine’s Passage

If you are traveling to Tallinn, you will need to exchange your currency to Euro. For more traditional shops in Old Town you might need Estonian Kroon.

Please respect the places you travel to and kindly take care of the environment. The world is our home

Source:  Rehnumah Insan


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