When you go to Kyrgyzstan for the first time.

If you top 19 places on your world travel list in 2019, Kyrgyzstan will be one of them.

Until independence in 1991, the country was part of the Soviet Union. But with a history of more than a thousand years, the country now belongs to Central Asia. Located in the middle of Uzbekistan and China.






The country was formerly part of the Silk Road. Looking at Kyrgyzstan’s fascinating high natural landscape, it seems that half of the nomadic nature of human life is still scattered, just as it was in ancient times.

If you think that this culture, which has been going on for centuries, still reigns in its own power, will go down in search of the territory of Kyrgyzstan, then you can read the section ‘Traveling to Kyrgyzstan as an Apprentice’.






Tradition and culture:
In ancient times the Kyrgyz were basically a nomadic tribe to whom hospitality was a matter of life and death. In this respect they are still the same as before, the guest does his best for his guest. Most travelers return from Kyrgyzstan with a different kind of sincerity and generosity that they have received from there.

To the people of this country, horses are the best means of transportation. As you can see in the summer, the people here have come down with their horses to play the national game ‘Cock Borough’ (Blue Wolf). According to them, in ancient times the people of their primitive tribes fought with wolves on horseback to save their flocks from the clutches of wolves. So to them it is a matter of pride to be the keeper or owner of the horse.






Food and drink:
Sheep and horses flock to Kyrgyzstan. So for centuries their meat has been on the most preferred list here. Steamed lamb or horse meat with noodles and onion sauce is the most popular food here. Traditionally it is eaten by hand so the name is also, ‘beshbarmak’ (five fingers).

The people of this country are less interested in vegetables than meat. However, the best cities in Kyrgyzstan offer a wide range of cuisines, including modern cuisine, such as Italian, Thai and fast food.

With every traditional meal you will find a round nan bread which is found all over Central Asia. You will continue to get a small cup of green or colored tea until your comfort is satisfied.






Another fancy food is kumis (made of milk puppies) which is able to give you a different taste. In Russia this drink is considered quite nutritious food. Here you will find a variety of interesting drinks like lachchi, sour curd, wheat, millet, vodka which are usually distributed on the occasion of any occasion.

Kyrgyzstan’s colorful shops are packed with a variety of goods, bearing witness to the primitive nomadic life. Animal-fur blankets, woolen coatings and various leather goods such as ribbons, mattresses or jeans, whips are all available here.





Kyrgyzstan is also rich in various ornaments made of silver. That’s why Sakaras come here from all over the world to make different kinds of jewelry for girls, thinking about their own family.

Moreover, in the market called ‘Osh’ you will find a variety of handicrafts. There are also a variety of Soviet touches. There are various types of food like dried fruits, nuts, honey, bread.

Bishkek will also be found as a preserver of many things at the Sam Center, where the items still reflect the Soviet era, you will find a variety of memorabilia.







Must see:
The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek, a city adorned with rows of trees, huge parks and huge Soviet-style buildings.

If you visit here, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the State Museum and the State History Museum, which are built with a great artistic touch. Standing outside the museum is a light-scattered statue of Vladimir Lenin. It was formerly located in Ala-to-Square (formerly Lenin).

You will find plenty of restaurants, clubs or other places of entertainment in the city. Not far from Bishkek you will find the 200 square mile Ala Archa National Park.

The place is quite pleasant for waterfalls, jungle views, hiking. Glaciers even reach a peak of 5,000 meters here.

You will find places for horseback riding and hiking in most cities of Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to the great network here, you can easily maintain communication with big tourism projects or with your own country.

The best and most interesting hiking spot within the mountain range is Tian Shan (cloud-covered) which is a small part of Ala Archer. This majestic mountain stretches its borders from Uzbekistan to China, covering an area of ​​7,500 m. High-altitude Genghis Chakushu (Victory Peak to Kyrgyzstan).

In the spring time you can go to Altin Arashan which is about 4,000 m. The height has surpassed Ala-Kul. As you cross the Karakul on this path, you will see a herd of wild horses in rows.

Song Cool is another beautiful place that is basically an isolated lake. The lake is located at a distance of about 3,017 m. Located at a height. As it is surrounded by pastures, you will find horses, sheep, cows or leather herds all year round.

Finally, I would like to say that no traveler is deprived of the opportunity to sit in one part of the territory of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the fairy tales or pastoral pastoral scholarship of human life by heating his body in the fire of the challah.



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