Who can paint the beauty of Rangamati this Eid

The picturesque Kaptai Lake from one of the hanging bridges of Bangladesh ‘Rangamati Hanging Bridge’ will fill you with fascination. After crossing the bridge, you will see a more beautiful view. And go to Polwell Park and get a full view of the lake. With the sound of the wind and the sound of the water waves. When you enter the Rangamati area, your eyes will be busy watching the game of high and low mountains. And when you look away, you will feel that the mountains are covered with white sheets.







How to get there:

From Dhaka at 10:30 pm Dhaka-Chittagong Mail train to Chittagong, fare 120 TK.
Chittagong by 8 am. Spend 20 TK and have breakfast. Then go to Oxygen bus stand from Chittagong railway station. From that khan leave Chittagong-Rangamati bus, fare 120 rupees. (Best, good view if you get on the roof of the bus) You will reach the town of Rangamati by 10:30 in the morning. Get off the bus and reserve CNG as a tourist hanging bridge. Hanging Bridge, Kaptai Lake, DC Bungalow, Polwell Park together. The rent will be around 250. You can also reduce the price.



You can have lunch at the restaurant if you want.
Before 5 pm, visit all the spots and return to Rangamati town. Get on the bus to Chittagong (fare: 120 rupees) and go to Chittagong bus stand to watch the sun go down on the hill.
Chittagong by 8:30 pm, spend 50-60 rupees to finish dinner. Then come to the railway station again, the mail train leaves at 10:30 pm (fare 120 rupees). Dhaka at 8 am Inshallah.


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