You are Jamuna Radhe, I will die twice.

Where can I get a pitcher, where can I get a rope? You are Jamuna Radhe, I will die twice. ” Ah, for Radha, Krishna wants to drown in the Jamuna, again on the banks of the monument is the Taj Mahal of Mumtaz-Shahjahan. This Jamuna is a witness of many more heartbreaking events of the great age. Therefore, who can handle the greed of seeing the Jamuna. So on a day off alone, you can go to Dokla or with the team at Sirajganj’s Hardpoint Dam. The beauty of the river Jamuna will seem supernatural in a word with the light of the last afternoon here.





How to get there: SI Enterprise cargoes directly to Sirajganj town from Mirpur 2, Gabtali, Savar. The same bus goes directly to Sirajganj from Mohakhali. It will take about 3.5-4 hours from Gabtali. As soon as he gets down in the city, the rickshaw puller will take him to the hardpoint dam. It will take 20-25 minutes. This dam has kept the city of Sirajganj alive for years. Incoming and outgoing bus fare per person 250 + 250 = 500 TK. And the rickshaw will cost 30 + 30 = 60 TK.


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