You can also go to Bashbaria with a 1-day tour of Sitakunda and Guliyakhali.

3 friends suddenly made a plan that I will come back from Sitakunda on the night of the 4th that it works, on the night of the 4th we went to Sitakunda with a unique bus for 480 rupees, at 3 o’clock in the night we reached the municipal headquarters of Sitakunda Hotels can be found at the hotel. To spend the rest of the night we took a double bet at a hotel with 500 rupees, then left for breakfast at Chandranath hill, the fare from the hotel to the hill is 20 rupees, but we reserved 3 CNG for 60 rupees, then 10 rupees I bought 3 bash, climbed the hill in 1 hour and 20 minutes, climbed the hill in 3 to 3 and a half hours, took pictures and finished everything, then reached the hotel at 12:30 and left for Guliyakhali at 2:30 in the afternoon, reserved CNG. After paying 130 rupees, I took some pictures, turned around for some time, came to Sitakunda at 5 o’clock, bought a ticket for the Dhaka bus and left for home at 8 o’clock.





Last but not least, the hotels in Sitakunda are very low quality. We were at Simon Hotel. It was nice to see their hotel, but it smelled bad. It seemed that no tourists would come to their hotel for the next 6 months. We had planned to stay for 2 days. I left after a long day, if you go there is a new hotel in Saudi Arabia, you can come back from there.






In all, we have spent TK 1,500 on these two places, Pahar and Guliyakhali
If you also want to go to Bashbaria, you can go down to the bush at 2 pm with rest as soon as you can. If you spend half an hour there, it is enough to leave Guliyakhali at 3:30 pm. I don’t know the exact fare from Bashbaria to Guliyakhali.







In the end, I will say one thing so that we do not ruin the environment


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