You can visit Darjeeling for only 10-12 thousand rupees.

If you want, you can come back from Darjeeling for only 10-12 thousand rupees. What are you wondering? Let’s take a look at the cost.






The maximum fare for an AC bus from Dhaka to Chandrabandha border will be TK.1000. And if you want to go directly to Siliguri, it will cost 1800 TK. However, it is better not to go directly to Siliguri. Because the bus from Chandrabandha port to Siliguri costs only 60-70 TK. It costs about 300 TK to go by reserve car. So there is no point in spending unnecessarily 500-600 rupees. And yes, at the border, the tax takes an extra TK 1,800. This is what everyone has to pay. The maximum cost up to Siliguri will be 3500 TK.





Then you will see many jeeps from the bus terminal at Tenzing Norgay, the main bus stop in Siliguri, calling for Darjeeling. From there it will take 3 hours to go to Darjeeling with a fare of 150 TK per person.





Then go to Darjeeling and you will find many hifi hotels for 1000-1200 TK. Where 3 people can easily stay in each room. It will take you a maximum of 3 nights and 4 days to cover the whole of Darjeeling.





Now let’s go for a walk. If you go alone or 2-1, I would say go to the sights in the share. There are 3 main spots in Darjeeling, one is Tiger hill + Batasilup, 2nd is Seven Point (where there are 6 sights) and the rest is Rock Garden. If you go to share, if you go to every place, it will cost 200 rupees per person. This means you can visit the whole of Darjeeling with 3 places for only 600 rupees. If you can’t find a car in the shares, then I am saying the name of a hotel, there is a hotel called ‘Sonar Bangla’ in front of the big mosque in Darjeeling. If you go to the big mosque and ask anyone, he will show you. Later the people at the hotel will tell you the time when the car will leave. You will just confirm it. And if the group-based reserve car is taken, another calculation. How many will go will depend on how much the car cost. If you go to each place in the reserve, it will cost about 1500 TK on average. If 7-8 people go, it takes about 200-250 per head.





Now let’s talk about the cost of food. The price of food is very cheap here. There are some halal / Muslim hotels in Darjeeling big mosque (next to that golden Bangla hotel) you can eat from there or you can eat from anywhere else. If you stay for 4 days, your food cost will be around 2000 TK.





After staying for 3 nights and 4 days, you will leave for Bangladesh. You will come to Siliguri from Darjeeling bus stand in a jeep for 150 TK. From there he came to Chandrabandha border again with 60-70. Now you don’t have to pay any extra cost at the border. He came to Dhaka in the morning on a night trip with a ticket of TK.1000.





Calculate and it will not cost more than 1 taka of 10 thousand rupees. However, I have asked to take more than 2000 TK per house. However, if you go in a group of 5-6 people, the cost is less.
And if an extra person wants to buy something for shopping, shopping or family, then the calculation is different.

This is exactly what I personally did when I went to Darjeeling in September last year.


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