You will find a better place than keeping your mind calm.

Such places to calm the mind, but not less.
It is a place of our palace. Name- Barekgram (also called Barigram).
Extensive beels, fields across the vicinity of the government shelter project. Road in the middle. Harai river like a small canal by the side of the road.
Here are the pictures of a part of it.




This is one of the most common places. A unique place to soothe the mind without rushing, to blend in with nature.

Those who have time on their hands can turn around.
There is a lot of transport from Dhaka to Rajbari. You can come for 250 TK. It will take 150 if it is broken. From Rajbari Natunbazar bus stand to Mahendra at Baharpur Bazar for 20 TK. From there take 3-4 kg shelter project and Barekgram with auto, van or Mahendra.



Or you can rent an auto once you get down to the palace. Up-down 400-500 must be given.
If you bring your own private car, microbus, motorcycle, you will get gold.





Let me know if you have any other questions.

There are also naturally beautiful places around the town of Rajbari. It is better to have a residence. Along with that there is the splendor of the famous palace. You have never eaten a spoon that can be challenged.


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