Zoom Restaurant (Karnafuli River).

Zoom Restaurant is a tourist destination located on the banks of the Karnafuli River. From here you can enjoy the beautiful view of Kaptai Lake. There are swings, wooden bridges, game shows, nightclubs, boat rides, tree-lined platforms, food hotels, watch towers. Tickets cost 10 TK. To enjoy such a beautiful moment, you need to be present at Zoom Restaurant at sunrise in the morning.





How to get there: There are buses from Bahaddarhat bus terminal in Chittagong city. The fare is 70-75 TK (exact information is not known), but the bus fare up to Kaptai Dam is 75 TK. You can also take a CNG taxi from the head of Kaptai Road in the city to the litchi garden for 50 TK (per person). From here you can take a local CNG taxi to Zoom Restaurant.


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