Zummering and rappelling.

At the beginning of winter, there is very little water in Jhiri. I climbed over the Sahasradhara fountain and realized that even if the water is low, the incidence of cold will be high because the water is very cold. The equipments were known so it didn’t take much time to start rappelling as there was no glitch in the mechanism. Earlier, two experienced people were selected for the first descent and added a figure of eight to the rope.





The farther they go towards the fountain, the deeper the sound in my chest. Nadia Apu was descending through the part of the fountain and slipped several times. The fear was growing. It was unimaginable what would happen in front of my eyes if I slipped a little from side to side.








Namashuru Hall after rope setting. Photo: Author

I’m holding my breath. There was a sound, I didn’t see Nadia Apu anymore. As soon as I screamed in fear, I saw Apu come up a little later holding the rope. Fear was growing every moment. Nadia Apu is hanging on a rope 110 feet above the ground. Meanwhile, Tamal Bhai was descending by the side of the fountain quite comfortably.

After calming down a bit, everyone slowly came to the line and started getting down. This time the mind became a little calmer. Gradually the fear was disappearing. After a while, the signal from below has come down to both of them. Happily all fears were gone. I told my brother that I want to get off after the first 5 people get off. Seeing my self-confidence, my brother did not do it anymore.










I was hanging on the support and going to the main rope. Photo: Tawfiq Tamal

After the harness came from below I set the carabiner after the harness. I wanted to go down by the side of the fountain because I was too scared to see the slippery road, and I didn’t want to get wet. Mahi Bhaiya taught me to tighten the harness well. I attached myself to the figure of eight rope and hung with the rope.

Looking down, it seemed like a huge distance. Where many start out in a small or low altitude while learning, we were descending from a height equal to 110 feet, which is about 11 storeys high. I started descending with confidence in myself.











Halfway through, I realized the real joy. Photo: Nadia Aphrodite

Holding the back rope in the right hand. This hand grip actually has its own safety and rope locking technique. I lay down with my fists loose. The rope is loosening as I descend. I was locking the safety from time to time keeping in mind that if the grip of my right hand is a little from side to side, I will go straight and fall on the boulder of the hill.

I have seen many people use an extra rope as a safety rope, I am trying to get off without it so don’t make a mistake. As soon as I left in the middle, I realized that my descending technique was a little wrong. If I jump straight, I will be able to get down a little faster. That’s what I did. In the first jump I came down quite a bit. There is joy in the place of fear now.

The cautionary path towards the end. Photo: Nadia Aphrodite

I came down with a few jumps. The last path is to be a little more careful. It’s ridiculous to think I’m gone, but that’s enough to take my life. Sticking to the slippery wall seemed quite difficult. I carefully slowed down and set foot on the lower boulder. For the first time I have received such joy very rarely. After that I slowly saw everyone descend.

The last Mahi Bhaiya came down. I took some dry food for lunch. We all ate them together. Again the turn of zooming practice. It is very exciting to get up after getting off. Since there was no time in hand and many people were paralyzed by rappelling, we took 6 people after harnessing for zooming.

Loop to add rope to figure of eight. Photo: Author

Terminology was first taught as an elementary lesson. A zooming device, a sling, a billing device, a carabiner and a harness are used to zoom to the top of the hill. Once these are set properly, the device can be attached to the rope at the zoom and bill.

This education is very important for mountaineering. Because when the slope is high, you usually have to start climbing up by zooming. Soaking wet in the cool water of the fountain we began to master the techniques of zooming.

Mahi Bhaiya is feeding Rasmalai of Comilla in the midst of Jumering. Photo: Nadia Aphrodite

As easy as rappelling is, zooming is just as difficult and difficult. Excessive pressure on the legs when trying to climb up with the weight on the legs. But there is a different kind of joy in climbing to the top by zooming on a static rope. I started doing it one by one.

This can be done quite easily according to the terminology. As soon as the zooming was over, the light of day began to dim. There was a boat barrier for us next to the fountain. Looking at the surrounding hills through the huge lake of the dam project on the last afternoon, sitting in a boat and listening to music will remain in the mind as a sweet afternoon.

Route and cost draft:

You have to travel by bus or train from Dhaka to Mirsarai in Chittagong. You have to get off at Aslesitakunda station by train. From here breakfast will be within 50 rupees. Reserve CNG rent with useful equipment will be 120 rupees. If you take down the CNG, you can walk from there or rent a boat for 40 rupees per person and go straight to Sahasradhara Jharna.


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