2 days at Jalalpur Eco Resort

Yesterday evening we cycled in the field of Jalalpur High School. Seeing the three-year-old people, the boys and teenagers gathered there became curious, they approached us. We don’t have the opportunity for this closeness. They also let us ride their favorite bikes in a hurry.



There were three bicycles, three of us. At first, Syed Abu Jafar’s brother got on the bicycle at once. The boys and teenagers are very happy to see the man with gray hair and white beard riding a bicycle. Zafar Bhai got down from the two-wheeler and said, ‘I got on the bicycle after a long time. But I did not forget. ‘ Mahmud Hafiz Bhai also did not forget. I couldn’t climb on the first try. Two teenagers hold the bike, I get on the bike. They roll the bike a little to break the stability and create the initial speed. Fear, do not fall. But I did not read, I just continued on the uneven plane of the field. Cycling is a lesson we will never forget.



When I came to Echo Resort, I saw that Batimala had given him a different look. In the midst of the surrounding dark environment, that radiance seemed to be sitting in the poor house of the rich Dulali’s wife. I do not enter the resort but follow the grassy path next to it, as the white light falls on the bright, green grass in the sepath lamp. The back of the resort is lit by a few colored lights. The lights are weird, the energy lights burning inside the hurricane. I left my feet on the slabs and went to the dochala machan which is adjacent to the swimming pool. This scaffolding spread over the field is excellent! Its thick wooden heavy benches and tools like furniture will motivate you to make the scene last longer. We also become permanent, the village on both sides and the green field in the middle of what is mesmerizing, enchanting him gradually fading light. But the most monolova was the life-giving air.



But there were more reasons to sit there. The best reason is that there will be a barbecue today. The barbecue chicken moved to the half-plate, their grilled parts being a combination of black, red, and black with the red color combination on one corner of the black half-plate. Sitting in that breathtaking air, the chicken seemed to understand the world and the place of immense happiness!


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