The feeling of getting very close to heaven is here

Location: Aru Valley, Pahelgam, Kashmir Roads: Dhaka-Kolkata (bus) , Kolkata-Srinagar (air), Srinagar-Pahelgam (taxi), Pahelgam-Aru Valley (taxi)       Points to see:  Baisaran (Mini Switzerland) in Pahelgam, Betav Valley, and Aru Valley. These spots are famous, besides You can visit the village of the Locals, there are two or three lakes, Tulian

Picnic spot

Picnic Spot, Mehera Zamindar Bari, Tangail. From Dhaka's Mohakhali / Kalyanpur bus terminal, you can get on a Tangail-bound bus, get off the police road, and take CNG to the zamindar's house. A very nice picnic spot has been created recently. Related Post: 1. Mahera zamindarbari of Tangail 2. Bangladesh Police Training