4000 mile road trip to New York, California

4000-mile road trip from New York to California. A few national parks trip through the middle. 12 days in all. So the post is pretty big. Sorry about that.



Day 1-3


Today we are in Nebraska, passing New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa. The landscape of the state of the East Coast of America is almost the same. Unbroken green trees around the road. And small towns after a while. Thousands of miles of beautiful highways like the picture. The road conditions are excellent. There are a lot of people traveling interstate like us. There is no shortage of cars. And huge huge freight trucks.
Seeing so many cars, I realized that New York’s license plate was the simplest.
There are beautiful arrangements for long-distance drivers to take some rest after a while, which is called Travel Plaza. Even puzzle games and board games to wake up.
Iowa, Nebraska has a lot of cornfields, corn, and corn wherever the eye goes.
Another thing that surprised me was the pile of hay beside the field. Windows 7 is just like that wallpaper.

Day 4


Our destination today was Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, across the border from Nebraska to Wyoming. After crossing the Nebraska, the greenery begins to diminish. And mountains and hills after entering Colorado. The car continues to rise above sea level.
Views at Rocky Mountain start at 9,000 feet. I am not a poet or a writer. Poetic adjectives do not come to mind In English, one word is “awesome”. Snow peak mountain + lake means a deadly combination. The only thing is – we went in August. So far most of the mountains have melted this ice, no less. If I went in May, I might see more snow-covered mountains.
There is a Scenic Driveway called Trail Ridge Road at the time of Exit. One of America’s Top Scenic Driveways. The road stretches from 9,000 feet to 12,000 feet in the hills, with the Alpine Visitor Center in the way. Total driving time 1 hour. But if you don’t stop the car after 2 minutes and take a picture, it will be a great sin. Nice to meet you. It was bitterly cold this August, but not if you hadn’t seen Snow Peak Mountain at 12,000 feet.

Day -5


We spent the night in the hot sulfur spring in the small town of Colorado State and set off for Utah.
The road from Colorado to Utah is very scenic. The road went through the huge mountains. After a while, wanting to take empty pictures. There are even car tunnels through the hills.
Nature is different when Utah begins in Colorado. The mountains of Colorado are surrounded by all greenery. And the mountains of Utah are all bare. Of red color.
Desert around. Dhu dhu desert, not even a house. How empty it feels after going some distance.
Today’s destination was Arches National Park. Suddenly, in this wilderness, huge red hills stand in various shapes and sizes. It is difficult to explain at first sight. One of them is balanced rock. A huge stone sits nicely on top of a small stone. It’s weird.

Such a variety of stone hills, arranged in various shapes, across a huge space. Why and how is this? If I have time, I will have to read it one day.
Last night I drove back to the hotel. Mile after mile there is nothing, complete darkness, again suddenly I see small towns watering like fireflies.

The mountains are all huge shadows in front of the road. It always seems like we are entering the mountains. But the mountain is always ahead of us, never getting caught.
They are saying “Catch me if you can”.

day 6


Today’s destination is Utah’s famous Zion National park. In other words, it is time to lose one’s head again. All ideas about Utah changed overnight. The Colorado hills are all green, similar. And Utah is a combination of red and green, very diverse, beautiful. Arches National Park was like a desert, very hot and just red. Zion is a wonderful combination of red and green, the weather is nice.

First, we went to The Narrows, a huge steep hill on both sides, with a shallow water trail flowing through it. Then we went to Weeping Rock, Lower Emerald Pools. With a small trail. The view is excellent.
And finally Canyon Overlook. 1-hour trail, a little difficult. The view I saw at the end of the trail was the best view I have ever seen from Mountain Peak. It is not possible for me to explain this thing without pictures.
There are buses to go from one trail point to another, you can also go by car. Very beautiful scenery. In one place, a huge tunnel was built in the mountains for cars to go. Tunnel about 1 km long.
Today I saw a new thing. Railings along the trail, so that people do not fall. Here is proof of how careful they are. It is a pity to see all this. Our Bandarban trail is no less beautiful, but what have we done. And thinking about the dangers of the American people is completely different. It’s getting late. Yet they are going on a trail like Canyon Overlook with the whole kid old family.

Utah will lose to Colorado in terms of beauty and diversity.
Modda Kotha, I am in love with Utah Now. Those who live here are lucky indeed.

Day 7

Needless to say, this is the “THE” Grand Canyon
The only thing that surprised me. When I was going to Arches or Zion, on the way I could understand which type of place I was going to, red hills all around.
And on the way to the Grand Canyon, drive around the Kaibab National Forest. I don’t think I’m going to the Grand Canyon type place. Four on the way from Bright Angel point of North Rim to Imperial Point and Cape Royal

The ceremony of green, red trees on the side. Suddenly I saw a bald, dead tree all around.
And finally the Grand Canyon, in front of us, is very strange to understand nature.

Day 8-9


After a buffet lunch at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas, we set off for the Golden State. Driving on Las Vegas’ 6-lane road is a terrifying experience. Mojave National Preserve on the way.
After entering California first the desert, then slowly all-around green. A wonderful combination of mountains and green. Along with the golden grass on the hill. All kinds of fruit trees around.
After spending the night in Bakersfield, our destination today is California – Pacific Coast Highway – one of the most beautiful drives in the world.
But this combination of mountains and sea that can be so beautiful is unimaginable. I feel like I’m moving to Sicily, Italy. The road goes straight through the mountains, and from far above in the palm of the vast Pacific Ocean, the color of the water again in three layers, blue, light blue, dark blue. The road made in the hills is also wide through the forest inside. At the same time forest, mountains and sea can be seen for free.
First I went to Pfeiffer beach (which is part of Big Sur state park). As soon as I see the seawater, I have to get down to the water. But the Pacific’s waters are terribly cold. I couldn’t stay higher than 5 seconds.


The next destination is a small beach town called Carmel by the sea. The most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. Not just because it is on the beach, but because every home in the city is like a botanical garden. In front of every house, there is a ceremony of flowers of different colors of strange colors. I did not see a single house in which there were no unnamed trees. Nobility and big business.
Finally, on the way, I took a picture in front of the Bixby Bridge. Successful to come here in the end.

Day 10


Behold the mighty “Yosemite”. The busiest national park in the USA. As much as I saw National Parks on this tour, there are more American people everywhere. And this park is full of Chinese and Indian visitors. It took exactly an hour and a half to get to the parking lot, although in the end the view of Yosemite was all but forgotten. I saw Yosemite’s signature scenery from the tunnel view. It’s as if I’m standing in front of a picture. Vernal Falls and El Capitan (single rock which is 3000 feet high) we went to Glacier point. Watch the sunset there and then return to the hotel.



Day 11-12


Today’s destination is Point Reyes National Seashore. A natural courtyard next to the Pacific Ocean. Beach House was closed, so I couldn’t go to the last point. Then the destination is Cypress Tree Tunnel. People are trying their best to take pictures in this signature place in various postures. It was fun to watch. It is not known if a young Chinese woman jumped for about 20 minutes and then took the picture she wanted.



And the final destination of our tour in San Francisco. And the only thing that stands out in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, I went to such a beautiful place on this tour, now San Francisco can no longer fascinate me, (or who knows, I have lost the ability to be fascinated). The next morning I went to the opposite side of the bridge. This site can be climbed directly to the bridge. But a lot of fog over the bridge in the morning. The bridge cannot be seen properly.



My plane was at night that day. So I took the time to San Francisco Pier. For the first time in my life, I saw a separate shop for left-handed people. I am very excited to call myself left-handed. And the last destination in Chinatown. There is nothing different to say about Chinatown.
The roads in San Francisco are all 30 degrees steep. My Chinese friend who is experienced in driving also got scared.




This is the end of my journey from San Francisco Airport. I bought some souvenirs from all the other national parks except Rocky Mountain. It’s a matter of cost. Still, I don’t know why I didn’t feel a little bankrupt.


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