5 day trip to Nepal.

Very compact timeline.
The first day
Buy a flight ticket from Dhaka Airport at 11 am. The cost of return flight is 18000 rupees. At the time of check in, you have to ask for the window seat on the right side of the plane. You can reach the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu to see the Himalayas from the sky. Fill in the disembarkment card on the plane. Get off at Tribhuvan Airport and go straight to the gratis visa line. Talk to the immigration officer and get a visa for free. It took us about 15 minutes to get out of the airport. If you have big luggage, it will take much more time. There is a prepaid taxi stand next to the airport. The fare will be a little higher, so you can hire a taxi for a two-minute walk and leave. Depending on the quality of the taxi, it will cost 400-500 rupees, it will take 15 minutes.
As soon as you stop, go around two or three hotels and take the desired hotel. We were at Kathmandu Hotel Resort, Twin Bed Single Room 1800 rupees per night. You must first buy a tourist bus ticket to Pokhara at the hotel. The price will be around 700-2000 rupees depending on the bus. There is a lot of demand for bus tickets so cut it as soon as possible. This time you will ask for the seat on the right side.
Most of the places are closed by 5/6 hours so don’t waste too much hotel time. Go to Garden of Dreams, Buddha Nath Stupa, Sambhunath Temple, Pashupathinah Temple, Darbar Square. Almost all of them are around Thamel. It may take time to find out by looking at Google map, so you can hire a taxi. Depending on the quality of the spot, time and taxi, the fare can be up to Rs. 2000. We wasted a lot of time walking and went free.
Let’s stop at the end of sightseeing. We like Thamel very much, it feels like we have come to the UN. You will get people of all castes, you will get different food from different countries. There are many shops for shopping. I never felt bored. When it stops, shops and restaurants close at 9 o’clock.







The second day
According to the bus ticket, you will get up in the morning and leave Kantipath Tourist Bus Stand. You have to walk 10 minutes from Thamel. The bus will stop multiple times for breakfast, lunch and to the toilet. You will reach Pokhara to see the Himalayas. It will take about 7-8 hours, 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon. The road is good enough. Arrive at the bus stand in Pokhara and hire a taxi to go to Lakeside. Rent Rs. 200-300. Like Thamel, you will find many hotels on the lakeside, there are many shops. Take a tour of a few hotels and take the desired hotel. We were at Hotel Peace Palace. Pretty neat hotel, rent 1500 rupees per night. Wear out when it is light fresh. Go to Peace Temple, Devi’s Falls, Mahendra Cave. These 3 spots are on one road. Taxi fare will be around 1200-1500 rupees.
Come to Lakeside in the evening. You will find many taxis on the road, hire a taxi to go to Sarankot the next morning, the fare will be around 1000-1200 rupees. Arrangements can be made from the hotel, but the cost is much higher, we wanted 2500 rupees.
There are many things that can be done in Pokhara. Adventure activities include bungee jumping, jeep flying, para gliding, river rafting. For relaxation there is Fiwa Lake Boat Riding, there are many spa massage centers. There are many tour operators on the streets of Lakeside. Talk to them and book bungee jump, jeep roping, para gliding, river rafting. Remember, not all things are possible in one day. Bungee jumping and jeep flying together will cost Rs 10,000 (Rs 2,500 more if you do Go Pro video), para gliding will cost Rs 8,000, rafting will cost Rs 4,000. You will understand the endurance of your body by paragliding first, if you do not tolerate stress, it is better not to do bungee jumping. Remember, the value of each will depend on how long you do the activity and the experience of your guide / pilot. If you don’t book, you can’t do anything on the spot. Lakeside shops are open until 11 p.m.









The third day
He got up at 5 am, contacted the taxi driver’s number and left for Sarankot. It’s basically a hill. You will see the sunrise of Annapurna from the top of the hill. This is a very beautiful scene. It will take a couple of hours here. Come back and spend the whole day contacting your tour operator. You can have a spa at the end of the day.










The fourth day
If you want to do more adventure activities, get well before lunch. After lunch go to the international mountain museum. Taxi fare will be around 1500 rupees. The museum closes at 5 p.m. You can come back and do boat riding on Fiwa Lake. The cost will be around 500-600 rupees. You can have dinner at freedom cafe. The food is good and the seating environment is great.










The fifth day
Flight from Kathmandu Airport at 6 pm. You can calculate the time and take the bus ticket. Or you can hire a taxi. Taxi fare will be around 10000-12000 rupees. If you come back earlier, you can stop and do some shopping.

## Take with Indian Rupee. Indian rupee is everywhere. There will be some loss if Nepali rupee is exchanged from money to dollar. Nila loss will be less from money to Indian rupee. 100INR = 160NPR.
## If you speak in Hindi, you will get benefits.



## At least double check every hour spent. Go to a few shops to buy one thing. You can do everything cheaply.
## If you go alone, you will get many offers of escort service. You will get an offer to eat Gaza. Stay away. Falling into greed may cost you less money at first, but it will cost you a lot of money.
## You will get many times, pubs, dance bars. If you want, you can hit Dhu. Head to cost thinking

Keep it.
## You will find many types of food restaurants. If you want to be cheap and safe, Thali / Thakali food is good. It will be between 250 rupees.
## If you want a plan, you can return to Kathmandu on the fourth day and go straight to Nagorkot in the afternoon by taxi. You can see Everest in Nagarkot. The next day you will be able to board the return flight from Nagorkot.
## There is trekking for everyone, young or old. The easiest and shortest trekking is 3 days. The cost calculation should be discussed with the tour operator.
## Nepali people are very friendly. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. You will understand who will do the batting.
## The cost calculation mentioned above is just to give an idea, you can get more if you want.
## Latest opinion, you should not go to Nepal for less than 10 days.



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