A piece of Bangladesh in the heart of Kashmir.

Kashmir is a place adorned with a variety of nature. Known as a paradise on earth, the natural beauty of Kashmir is so diverse and thrilling that thousands of tourists visit here fascinated by its beauty. The funny thing is that there is a village in the heart of Kashmir named after our country, Bangladesh. This village named Bangladesh is located in Alusa tehsil of Bandipora district of Kashmir.





Situated on the shores of Lake Ular, the village is full of beautiful natural beauty. The high mountains behind this picturesque village surrounded by water make the village dreamy like a picture. This small floating village captivates the beauty of Kashmir and the simplicity of nature in a fascinating way. The people here also depend on nature for their livelihood. They make their living mainly by fishing.





There is a story behind the name of the village being Bangladesh. There is a strange resemblance between the birth of Bangladesh and the birth of the village. In 1971, when Bangladesh was fighting for independence against the Pakistan Army, 5/6 houses were set on fire in this village on the other side of India. At that time the name of that village was Jurimon. These helpless people then came to the present day Bangladesh village some distance from Jurimon and started living there. At that time a new country called Bangladesh was born. They consider the birth of that Bangladesh and their new abode as a new rise. They chose the name Bangladesh to name this new place. Since then, the village has been known as Bangladesh, but in 2010 it was renamed as Bangladesh on paper. At present about 300 people live in more than fifty families here.


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