A place to visit in Comilla.

Today I am highlighting about the places of travel in Comilla. Comilla is traditionally an exception to other districts, it is said that Comilla was the capital of 69 kings. Therefore, a rich urban system of ancient Bengal was formed here, as evidenced by Shalban Bihar, Itakhola Mura, Rupban Mura, and many other archeological sites. ..
Other places include Lalmai Hills, War Cemetery, Comilla University, Nilachal Hills, Bird, Rupsagar Park, Dharmasagar Park, Sachin Dev Burman’s house in the subcontinent, Vijaypur Pottery Village, Laksam Nawab.
Comilla is very famous for its food. The highest quality food is also available here as there are hotels for ordinary food and many modern restaurants in Comilla.
Transportation: Comilla Transport system is available from Dhaka and Chittagong by train and direct bus. The train will actually reach Kotbari by CNG from the station (reserve). CNG will be available from there to reach the destination for only 20 rupees. Note that the fare is not high here, and the food will be available in the city and also in the spots.
Above all, it is a very suitable place for those who are interested in history and heritage, and will also be able to cater to the minds of travelers.


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