A trip to Sonadia, an island of biodiversity.

I have been thinking of traveling to Sonadia for a long time. But why not say bat. Because when it comes to planning a tour, why should the mountains float in the eye, whether it is in the country or outside the country. After much deliberation, this time I suddenly tagged Sonadia with Amiyakhum, Satvaikhum trip to Bandarban. Whatever you think, do it. I immediately called Sonadia Gias. I collected this number of Gias about four years ago. So I was a little scared whether the number is still active? However, all doubts were removed and the phone rang.

I survived leaving half a lot. I sat down with Gias to make the necessary plans. And I decided to camp in Sonadia this time. Although I have done many tours in my life, I have never been camping. Although I stayed overnight in a tent in the Thor Desert of India. However, it does not fall into the camping stage. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Sonadia is a small island in Maheshkhali upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. It is separated from Maheshkhali by the Sagar on three sides and a channel on the other side. The island is well known for its beauty as well as biodiversity.





The beach is famous for its clear blue water, red crabs, guest birds and sea turtles. There is also Parabon, Mangrove Forest. However, according to the previous plan, we went from Thanchi to Cox’s Bazar via Alikadam and Chakoria through that eye-catching road to Dimpahar. Although it is possible to go directly to Sonadia through Chakoria. But going through Cox’s Bazar seemed much easier. And there is the opportunity to see the largest beach in the world. After spending that night in Cox’s Bazar, I left for Jetty No. 6 the next morning. Sonadia’s Gias brother is waiting there with a trawler. Then I am going in the trawler and swallowing the story of Sonadia from Gias. We left at 10:30 in the morning and reached Sonadia a little before noon.






First I went to Gias’s house, left my luggage and drank young coconut water from Sonadia to take a bath in Sagarpara. After taking a bath and running around with red crabs, I ate lunch with sea fish. Then I ran in a trawler to a nearby char, intended for bird watching. This waterway is also amazing. Paravan on both sides. We are running in the middle. The fishing boats are running at their own speed. Then the tide was flowing. The birds are waiting in the trees waiting for the ebb. Because when the water goes down at low tide, if insects and small fish get stuck in the mud, they will eat them. When we reached the char, the low tide started and as usual thousands of birds took shelter in the char and the color of the char changed. She is a strange sight.

We are in the middle of the sea around. The waves of the sea seemed to draw Alpana in the sand. And there are so many red crabs here that the white sand has turned red, it looks like a piece of red carpet in the middle of the sea. I practiced running with a few crabs. And Sumon is catching crabs and releasing them. The more I see the scene here, the more I am amazed. And I wonder why I have never been to such a beautiful island before? The biggest advantage of visiting Sonadia is the three views within one, i.e. here you get three different tastes at once. Such as beaches, mangrove forests and deserts. The sand dunes on the beach here are amazing. Some are up to 60 feet high.






These dunes protect Sonadia from natural disasters. One thing seemed very good here. And that’s because there’s no noise here like in St. Martin. Absolutely silent. And so Sonadia is still intact in its characteristics. Anyway watching the birds, racing with the crabs and finally taking pictures with Suzymama when I came back, the water went down a lot. I got into big trouble. The pony has dropped so much that I doubt the boat will run? After going some distance, the suspicion came true. And at night I got off the boat and started trekking in the mud with the light of my mobile.

There are a lot of snails and oysters in the mud, so you have to be very careful and fearful. In the meantime, I met a snake again. Anyway, at last I reached Gias’s house without any trouble. After dinner I left for the beach. The tent was pitched. The roar of the sea and the song of Raihan are both going on at the same time. I had a beautiful night. And at the same time I also gained the experience of camping. Even then the tortoise did not start laying eggs. So in the midst of feeling so good, there was a dissatisfaction.

Note: Sonadia is an invaluable resource for us. Sonadia has been declared as I, B, A or Important Bird Area. Numerous migratory birds come here every year. One of the rare species is the spoon thuto button. Sonadia is also an ideal place for sea turtles to lay their eggs. There are also living fossil equestrian turtles. There are many species of plants. We have to remember. We don’t have thousands of Sonadia. So it is our responsibility to protect this Sonadia.


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