A visit to Kotbari Ya Anindya Sundar Park in Comilla.

This beautiful park is located very close to Comilla University in Kotbari, Comilla. The park is set in a beautiful scenic environment.

With the launch of the 2nd Meghna, Gomti and Kachpur bridges, you can now easily turn around every day from Dhaka to this park located on the lap of Lalmai Hills.

The group had previously posted about the park, although it was not fully operational at the time. Now the park is fully open for visitors.

By the way the name of the park is also very beautiful Magic Paradise.

How to go and cost

Get on any bus from Dhaka Kamalapur or Sayedabad to Comilla and get off at Kotbari Biswaroad. Rent AC 250 / – Non AC 200 / – (Buses that go to Jangalia bus stand will get on Gulati, Royal AC, Prince Business Class AC, Asia including Asia Aircon, get some non AC buses from Asia, Tishar) Take 15-20 / – per person then take an auto / CNG reserve to Anindasundar Park. Rent 100-150 / –

Park Entry Fee 200 / –
Water Park Entry Fee 300 / –
Children under 6 do not need a ticket.

Besides, if you have time, you can visit Itakhola Mura, Rupban Mura, Comilla Bird, Mainamati Museum, and many other places of interest that are very close to this park. So come to this beautiful place today with time in hand.

Anyone who visits the park should make sure that the park is not dirty by you. We are always aware of keeping the environment clean wherever we go.

Note: I did not edit any picture of this post, many people asked so I edited the post.


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