A wonderful ceremony of fascination in the milky sea of the fountain.

This is exactly what you will see when you cross this 12 km stretch of hilly railway track and see this youthful youth.
I was talking about the fourth highest waterfall in India, Dudhsagar. To the Bengalis, the north of India is not as popular as the south. But the South Indian region is also rich in natural diversity. Going against the current, we left for South India at the same time last year. After 5 days in Kerala and 1 day in South Goa, we were allotted a whole day only for this sea of ​​milk. This 10 km trek to Dudhsagar waterfall passing through the evergreen forest is considered as “Lifetime Achievement”. In addition to the trek, there is a jeep safari to cross this path. I don’t know if the jeep safari matches the physical peace but the peace of mind. So we set off with the intention of trek / hike. You can see our entire trek experience, part of the beauty of the trek and the cost calculation





From here
During the rainy season (June-September) this road is completely closed. Due to the lack of information, we get this news at the doorstep of Kulem. However, after talking to the locals, they found an alternative road. The railway track surrounding the forest has gone over the fountain. The only regret is that this 2 km detour road will take us to the upper step of the waterfall.
In the beginning, there was a footpath next to the railway track, but after going some distance, that path ended. Being forced to come up to the hole rail track. Avoiding shit is even more challenging than walking on the rough tracks of a railway track. If caught a little careless !!!!







This railway track is almost parallel to the forest track. However, the river is an obstacle between the two on the first 5 km route. After crossing the river, you can go down to the forest. And as soon as we got there we realized why it is called “Lifetime Achievement”. The green forest all around, the incessant call of Jhi Jhi insects, the chirping of unnamed birds and the streams flowing by. What else do you want to go out of the noise of the citizens to calm the soul a little ??

In the last few years, several tourists have lost their lives in the lower steam of this waterfall during the rainy season. Since then, the trek has been banned only for the rainy season and is strictly observed. So after going 1.5 km on the way to the forest, at the request of the forest rangers (in Dabrani) I had to get on that railway track. However, the tunnels running through the hills have added adventure to this railway track. Strange feeling when the almost impeccable dark tunnels work along the shore. After walking for about three hours and crossing 4-5 tunnels, we finally reached this amazing beauty.
How to get there: There are train, bus and plane services to reach Goa from Dhaka via Kolkata. From South Goa you have to go by local train or bus to Kulem station. You will reach Dudhsagar by following this railway track of the station. However, if you want to trek on the way to the forest, you have to take the road on the left side from the station and go ahead.

Note: No matter where we travel in the country or abroad, we have to take care that the environment is not harmed by us.


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