Altadighi National Park, Dhamairhat, Naogaon.

Altadighi is located in a beautiful natural environment covered with trees near the Bangladesh-India border. Many people in Bangladesh do not know about this spot. Went there in the middle of last month.



There is a huge lake in the middle of Shalban. It will fill your mind to see flocks of different species of birds and ducks. You can walk around the lake along the paved narrow path. That path is about 4 km. There are a lot of old high termite mounds in the middle of the forest, which you may have never seen.



The Indian border is next to Altadighi. Also what you will see as a bonus is the small tribal village next to the spot. If you want, you can go there to see their life. However, due to the forested environment, it is better to return from there before evening.

How to get there:
You have to take a bus from anywhere in Bangladesh to Naogaon or Joypurhat. From there by local transport to Dhamuirhat. Or you can take a train to Rajshahi and catch a bus from Naogaon to Dhamuirhat from the Railgate junction. Then from there, you will reach Altadighi by auto. Although the road from Dhamuirhat to Altadighi is narrow, it is not difficult to go as there is a paved road. It would be like an adventure to walk through the forest for a short distance of 4 km. You can also go directly to Altadighi National Park by microbus or private car.



Note: Many people leave packets of chips or empty water bottles in the forest or in the water of the lake, which is not desirable at all. Do not ruin the environment by throwing garbage in the water of forests and lakes.


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