Amiyakhum is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. Its beauty will take away your mind in an instant. The trail to get here is as difficult as the beautiful place. You have to come to Thuisapara about 6-7 hours walk from Padmajhiri. Stay and eat at the home of the hill people in Thuisapara. The next day, to reach Amiyakhum, one has to climb a steep hill called Devta Pahar. It is a thrilling experience for any adventurous traveler. However, these troubles will be washed away in an instant after seeing the form of Amiyakhum. After the deity descends from the hill, if you go to the right hand side, you will see Naikhyangmukh and if you go to the left side, you will fall to Amiyakhum. If you want to go to Naikhyangmukh, you have to go on a bamboo raft which is also a great thing.








How to get there: By bus from Dhaka to Bandarban, fare is 720 rupees. From Bandarban to Thanchi Reserve by jeep (if you go by jeep it will cost Rs. 5200, 12 people can go) or by local bus (fare is Rs. 200 per person) to Thanchi. However, I will suggest you to go in the reserve jeep. Because the sooner you can reach Thanchi, the better. Need to take guide from Thanchi. From there take a reserve boat to Padmamukh Jhiri. Rent 1200-1500 rupees, 5-6 people can go in one boat. From there you have to start tracking in the name of Allah. After walking for about 5-6 hours you will reach Thuisapara. Stay there at night. 150 per person. Food 120 rupees. Amiyakhum will get up the next morning and leave with the guide. The better you can go in the morning, the two smaller hills will have to be climbed before the god hill because it will be a little harder to trek when the sun rises. It will take about 2.5-3 hours to go from Thuisapara to Amiyakhum. After that, if you have time, you will be able to return to Thanchi with Remakri.






*** There is no official permission to go to Amiyakhum.
*** One thing to keep in mind is that wherever you go, the place should not be dirty by you. Do not leave any indigestible products such as plastic. These places are ours, so we have a responsibility to protect them.



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