An unknown story of wandering.

It’s been a while since I’ve finished my dinner and come to the launch bridge. So far those who have fallen asleep. A few people like me may be enjoying the thrill of the Sundarbans at night, but the bridge is almost deserted. I’m just sitting on two sofas on either side. I sat motionless at the gentleman’s words. My cabin is on the starboard side, so a right on the side sofa is born. When I come to this side of the night, I wear socks, cover my head with a warm cloth and sit with the camera on my lap. I don’t have a habit of smoking but I miss strong coffee.






My brother Mahfuz is on the opposite side of me, towards the porthole, so I had to leave the comfortable sofa in the middle of winter in the lure of seeing deer. We are anchored one / one and a half hundred yards away from the shore. It is very dark near the shore. It is as if the yellow moon in the sky is spreading a dirty light, not everything can be seen well. God knows what the photographer gentleman found in him, but his eyes must be admired. As soon as I saw the dark eyes, I saw something moving. Appearance is understood only, nothing more.

A tourist launch left a generator a hundred yards away. Decorated with all kinds of lights, it looked as if the party was going on. Mahfuz Bhai was only muttering occasionally and rescuing fourteen of them. At the sound of the generator, if any of the nocturnals were around, they fled. Looks like the unemployed will be awake tonight. So instead of looking at nature at night, I tried to talk to the gentleman. I have to stay with a group of people for the next few days but I don’t know anyone. In the meanwhile, it is a matter of great concern for me to pay attention to myself. Even then, the conversation froze.







Mahfuz Bhai is a good-natured gentleman. It’s been a while since he passed out from fine arts. Didn’t get married. Great bike ride. When the time came, he went out from side to side. Hobby filmmaker on him. Meanwhile, I have nothing to introduce myself. Excluding the uninvited question, the gentleman who came to me with nature philosophy is no less comforting to me. I was throwing lights in the river to see if the crocodile was floating. I remembered that Mahfuz Bhai moved away from the railing of the launch as there was a little noise in the water. I assured him that if an animal as heavy as a tiger climbed the railing and landed, it would tilt to one side, there was nothing to panic about unnecessarily. Brother Mahfuz looked at me with a stone and said,
: There is no hope for anything here.







I will not lie, seeing Mahfuz Bhai’s faith, even my little knowledge about tigers became a goblet. Fear is the thing to be infected. I also leaned a little back from the railing to focus on nature observation. The seriousness of the idea of ​​a tiger in the forest is different, it is always necessary to be careful. Death can come down here in a moment of carelessness. Caution is the line between life and death. The jungle does not forgive the careless.

It’s been a long night. The moon has also shone beyond the yellowish feeling. The dew-soaked plants are glistening in that light. The moonlight near the shore is clear, very bright. Where there is the shadow of a tree, it is as if it is pitch dark. Not in the name of monkeys at night, I guess the crabs are grazing in peace. In the middle of one / half brave wild boar, he is leaving the shade cover in the morning, digging the soil with his teeth in the hope of juicy main food. The deer are relatively timid in nature, leaving nothing in the shade. Their presence can only be confirmed by seeing their eyes glow in the darkness of night. Let the guests of the night begin to arrive. We sat like two birds of prey to see the tiger. Nothing much happened for a long time. Towards the end of the night I saw only a giant owl. I kept thinking of all the species of Wood Owl. I didn’t come with that luck, maybe there will be some kind of Fish Owl. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Once again the ancestors of the tourist launchers were remembered. Mahfuz Bhai climbed on the roof of the launch, the galaxy was open to the scene for a while, free time to take pictures. I followed too. A group of stars are sitting all over the sky. Where can I find the sky? Azan was going on somewhere far away. In some depths of the Sundarbans, two / four houses may have formed a mahalla. Azan is being heard in any of his mosques. Once the eastern sky gave a hint of sunrise. Only a couple of orioles have started calling sweetly. Breaking the momentary silence, a bunch of jiria fluttered and flew away from the very bottom of the water. Shortly afterwards, a group of Tia flew east like a small green cloud. In the morning sky, where all the colors were mixed, everything seemed to be lost in the whirlpool.

Do not ruin the environment and nature by lazily throwing indigestible products everywhere. The amount of forest land in Bangladesh is only 6.25 percent (standard value is 25 percent), even if we destroy it !!!!


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