Andaman and Nicobar Islands – India is like another country.

The flight landed at Port Blair, the capital of the Andamans, at 8:40 a.m. on April 23 on a 5:05 a.m. flight from Chennai. I arrived about 40 minutes before the scheduled time.

I used to know that to go to Andaman Restricted Area where RAP (Restricted Area Permission) is required, you have to go to immigration and get extra seal and permission slip, you have to carry it for the whole trip and come back with it. But when I went, I saw that there was no problem at all. A female police officer checked the foreign passport and visa and gave a visitor guideline knowing which hotel to stay in. No permission slip or extra seal was required. Leaving the airport, I took a taxi to the pre-booked Hotel Lalaji Bayview. On the way I told the taxi driver to go to Havelock and Blue. I went to a ticket agency and bought tickets from Port Blair to Havelock, from Havelock to Blue and from Blue to Port Blair.





That afternoon I returned to the hotel to see the lights and sound show of Andaman’s famous Cellular Jail, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Marina Park and Cellular Jail. The next day at six o’clock in the morning Havel had to catch the ferry.

April 24 Journey to Havelock. The ticket was on a ferry called Sea Link. There are also two more private ferries, the Grean Ocean and the Makruzz. Even if the government ferry is cheap, it is a matter of luck to get a ticket. Getting down from the ferry to the jetty, the blue waters of Havelock are bound to fascinate you. And the corals of that clear water and the movement of thousands of marine fish do not add up. Havel was not booked a hotel. He took the auto driver to Green Valley Resort to talk about the hotel next to the beach. This resort next to Vijayanagar beach is a must see. Fresh bath for hours. The beauty of Europe-Australia beach will be found in India, it was never thought. Looking at that beach of blue-green water, a pair of fascination match!

In the afternoon visit Kalapathar Beach and Radhanagar Beach, the best beach in Asia. Each beach is filled with its own beauty. There is no comparison with them. And Radhanagar beach is really awesome! What a wonderful charm this beach has that doesn’t want to come back.

The plan was to snorkel at Elephant Beach on April 25. But due to an accident, snorkeling was stopped and he could not go. Havel also has the opportunity to go scuba diving, but it is a little more expensive. We had a little grand dinner at Coco Resort on the last night of Havelock.







Departure to Blue Island on the 27th at 9 am on Sea Link. It takes an hour to arrive. Going down in blue will move you to a different view. Blue is an island much smaller than Havelock. And the facilities are a bit less. But in no way less than beauty. Auto just set off again to a resort along the beach. The name of the resort is Break Water Resort. Freshened up quickly, I drove to Natural Coral Beach. Then we do glass boating activity on Bharatpur beach. There is a good enough opportunity to see marine fish and corals in glass boating. There are opportunities to do many more activities at Bharatpur Beach. Travel to Lakshanpur beach to see the sunset in the afternoon. One of the best beaches I have seen is this Lakshanpur beach. Go to the market from the beach and return to the hotel. The Red Snapper Fish Coconut Curry at this resort hotel was awesome for dinner. The next morning we had to catch a ferry to Port Blair.





It was twelve o’clock in the afternoon on April 26 to reach Port Blair. This time go to the booked hotel RNP. I went to Aberdeen Jetty in the afternoon and bought a ticket to Ross Island the next day. Anyone can go to North Bay with it. Then take a closer look at the city of Port Blair. Ramakrishna Mission, Aquarium, Netaji Stadium, Children’s Park, College, Aberdeen Bazaar, Marina Park.

April 26 was our last day in the Andamans. Boating on Ross Island at 9am. I had an hour and a half to explore Ross Island. At that time 500 people lived on the small 0.7 sq km area of ​​Ross Island, known as the Paris of the East. No one lives on Ross Island after the 1941 earthquake and the 1942 Japanese invasion. But then the British spent time looking at the ruins of bungalows, power houses, printing presses, bakeries, groceries, swimming pools, beaches, churches, ponds, cemeteries. This small island also has a very beautiful beach called Ferrer Beach. Coming back from Ross Island, I sat for two hours in the beautiful breeze. Then I came back to the hotel after eating. There are several more places to visit in Port Blair if you have the time.

April 29 morning flight to Kolkata and then return to Dhaka in the afternoon. And sitting in a jam, I came home once to remember this wonderful Andaman trip of 7 days.

Some special tips:
1. For those who want to go to Bali or Maldives to see the sea, Andaman can be an alternative at low cost. Kolkata – Port Blair – Kolkata Return Airfare will be available at a maximum of Rs 12,000.

2. The biggest mistake of our whole trip was taking Vodafone SIM. If you go to Andaman, you must take BSNL or Airtel SIM. Wifi facilities are not good and mostly paid.

3. It was off season so we didn’t have much trouble getting ferry tickets and hotels. These must be booked online first.

4. Those who can drive a Scooty can rent a Scooty in Havelock and Blue and ride around full time. The cost will be saved a lot.

5. Even if it costs a little more, if you take a resort by the beach, you will get cool beach air in the morning and at night.

. The island says the cost of food is a little bay

It goes without saying that there is no shi and street food. So the food should be calculated a little.

. 90% of the people of Andaman are Bengalis. Most of them have their roots in Bangladesh. So you will get a lot of respect and support from the locals.

. Be sure to eat at The Hub and Annapurna Cafeteria in Port Blair.

1. I have already said about the plane rental relationship. Kolkata – Port Blair – Kolkata Return Airfare at Rs 12,000.

2. The cost of 3 ferries for the whole trip was about 3600 rupees. However, the cost may vary slightly depending on the ferry company and economy-business class.

3. A boat ticket from Port Blair to Ross Island costs 350 rupees. 650 if you cover North Bay.

4. Glass boating activity 500 rupees. Snorkeling 600 and scuba diving 3500 rupees.

5. It will cost about 220-250 rupees per meal. The cost of food is a bit high as it is a tourist place and an island.

. Scooter rental for Havelock and Blue all day 500 rupees. If you take an auto, it will cost a little more. If you take a car, it will cost more.


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