Arial Bill.

Arial bilvarsaya toi toi in the water, in the winter dried up vast fields. Wherever the eye goes, it is just greener and greener. And to enjoy this beauty you have to go to “Arial Bill” of Munshiganj. Arial Beel is a lowland area of ​​about 138 sq km, located between the Padma and Dhaleshwari rivers south of Dhaka.





# How_to_go:
Take the Prastesh Paribahan from Malibagh / Mouchak in Dhaka or take any Mawagami bus from Gulistan. Of which “BRTC”, “Hilsa Paribahan” is good. Get off at Srinagar Chhanbari bus stand. It will take an hour and a half. Bus fare will be like 50/60/70 TK.




From there go to the other side of the road and rent an auto for Gadighat. The rent will be 15-20 rupees per head. And if you reserve a maximum of 200 TK.






Auto will take Gadighat down to the big bridge. It will take about 20-25 minutes. From there you can rent a boat or a trawler. Rent a boat or trawler. It will cost around 800-1000 TK for 2/3/4 hours. However, I would suggest renting engine driven trawlers. This will allow you to go farther and deeper.








Then it’s time to return. Drive to Srinagar market. Auto rental is the same as before. The bus stand is a two minute walk from the market. Get on the bus.

You can come back without delay from this beautiful place near Dhaka. 🙂

1. At this time the brightness of the sun is good. So be sure to bring an umbrella and a sun hat when traveling.
2. After Srinagar, there are no shops anywhere in the bill. You will find some rural shops at Gadighat. Be sure to take adequate drinking water and dry food with you.

And I will request you to treat the people of the village nicely and not to pollute the bill and the village environment.


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