Arlanda Airport in Sweden

Stay overnight at Arlanda Airport in Sweden,  When hotel is a  giant Boeing 747-200 jumbo jet:

Sweden’s Arlanda Airport can be a different experience for anyone. If you wish you can spend a night here in a giant Boeing 747-200 aircraft, you don’t have to fly in the sky – it will stay on the ground. It is located at the airport, 20 meters from the airport taxiway.









Oscar Dennis, a businessman, took the initiative to build the hotel, at a cost of 1.5 million. The process of converting this huge flying machine into a hotel has been going on for 6 months. This 33-room hotel was built by removing 450 seats. Luxurious special suite built into the cockpit to make your location even more memorable.

In addition, different types of rooms have been created in this converted aircraft, which is drum type 4 people, 3 people, some shared bathrooms, and some rooms with private bathrooms. New rooms will be created in the mechanical parts and later. The interior and decoration are very simple in modern Scandinavian style. Lounge bar and first-class seats are kept as before. Happy Journey.


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