At the end of the year, visit Nafakhum, the largest waterfall in Bangladesh

The goddess of beauty has poured all her Beauty into this waterfall. This waterfall is located at Thanchi in Bandarban district.


How to go and what will be the cost.
1. From Dhaka to Bandarban ( Fare 620 Tk)
2: From Bandarban, you can go to Thanchi by bus or moon car. Bus fare is Tk. 200 per person and moon car reserve is tk 8000-9000.

3: Go down to Thanchi, fix the guide, fix the boat with permission, and go through the river Sangu.
Boat rent 4000 TK reserve.
Guide rent is 1500+ with you have to take local guide 500 TK.
You have to spend the night in Romacri.
The cost per person per night will be 150 TK.
100-150 TK per meal.
Now calculate and go out for the purpose of Nafakhum.


N.B: You have to walk for 4-5 hours on this trip, you have to stay in the tribal area.


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