Balcony trip to Kaushani Himalayas.

Arriving at Kaushani, looking to the right through the car window, it seemed as if we had reached the balcony of the Himalayas! That’s exactly what it felt like to see the reddish Himalayan range that last afternoon. Right in front of my eyes, looking at us as if standing at a hand-touching distance. Just as we see the balcony trees and flowers through the windows of our house, it is as if the Himalayas are watching us from its balcony. We are standing on his balcony, looking at him!







The distance from Nainital to Kaushani is a little over 100 km. The driver said we would reach Kaushani in about three hours. And resting on the road, stopping here and there, taking food will take 5 hours. Since it was our full time reserved car, we left Nainital a little later that morning. Everyone was a little late on purpose. Because this aristocracy will not return to the shores of the hilly lake like this time. In just two days, Nainital has tied us to Maya. So if you can stay a little longer.






Finally after 9 am I left for Kaushani. Breakfast in the middle of the road, lazy afternoon on the banks of the green river, some time there by the hilly river, a glimpse at Almora, spending some lazy time on the sloping green hillside of the road from Almora to Kaushani, last afternoon when we reached Kaushani slowly.

Kaushani is a completely new place. No such study has been done about this place. Even the driver has not come here before! (Although I didn’t believe him). I could see that the road was gone on three sides with the bus stop of the main city from the traffic junction. One at the top and the other two turns a little in both directions.

In a moment I decided not to go up, but to go down the two paths that went down. Since we don’t have a fixed hotel, we can go anywhere. The driver became a little reluctant and turned the car in the direction shown by me. As soon as you enter that path, you are in two paths at the same time again. One went a little further down the middle of the forest and on a very high hilly path. This time I told the driver to go on a high mountain road. It was as if I was smelling a Himalayan Himalayas in my subconscious mind. Although I have never been here before, it still feels like the Himalayas are very, very close! I was overwhelmed by a feeling of surprise.

And what an infinite gift of God for us, as soon as the car got up in 10 or 20 seconds, the colorful Himalayan peaks across the sky on the right hand side began to greet us with its unique beauty. If you don’t praise yourself once or twice at such a time, you will be deceiving yourself. This is why I always listen to my mind, do what the mind wants, do what the mind says! Yes, of course, I always keep in mind that no one should be harmed or have any problem in listening to this word of the mind.

Our car stopped at the very end of the hill. A rocky stairway or path that goes up from the end of the hill. Above that path stands a pale white two-story hotel and a hill right in the middle. Ah, what a wonderful way to screw people over. The exhaustion of the tiring journey of the whole day was gone in an instant.

From the huge open lawn in front of the hotel, only the Himalayas can be seen, only the Himalayas, nothing more. When you see the Himalayas of any other color, you can see the form of the Himalayas, from the open lawn, from the balcony of any room in the hotel or by removing the curtains of the glass windows of the room.

We sat there for a long time. I told the hotel manager to look for a room. All rooms are almost booked. However, the border of the two rooms had not yet arrived, so the manager began to search, whether they would come at all? I wanted in my mind, as if those who had booked the two rooms, let them know that he could not come.

But Na did not please us so much this time and on the contrary disappointed us and said that those who took the room are on their way, they are coming. I was a little upset to see him sitting on the balcony of the Himalayas. Although the hotel manager was talking to another hotel, he took us up the hill on the shortcut to another hotel. Another is at the aristocratic Sagar Hotel on the top of a hill.

What a marvel that hotel, its rooms, its windows, its large open courtyard and its huge roof. Sitting from that roof all day-night, morning-noon-evening when and in any way you can see all the forms of the Himalayas, always. If you look at the cloudless sky of the night, there are hundreds of millions of luminous infinite, wonderful and unearthly moments. Nothing can be said or written.

But sadly, we did not stay in that hotel that day, for different reasons. Although later I stayed on the balcony of the Himalayas until the end. I will tell that story later.

From Dhaka to Kolkata. From Kolkata you have to go to Kaushani by train or plane through Kathgodam.

Wherever you go, please keep the environment clean.


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