Bandarban travel.

Date of travel: 16/11 / 2017-20 / 11/2018

We start our journey from Kalyanpur at 10.30 pm! I reached Bandarban Sadar at 6.30 in the morning. After breakfast I started the journey in the moon car at 9 o’clock. On the way to the mountain roads like a dream! When I started to climb the Chimbuk mountain, I just wondered how much higher I would climb! 😱
The only sound that comes to mind when you see the mountains wrapped in white clouds is “Alhamdulillah”.
All the way so I sat on the roof of the moon car! 😜
Moon car reaches Thanchi after 12 noon!
We get on the boat at about 1.30! The reason for getting up late was that when we went to Thanchi, we had to lie at the checkposts on the way because Thanchi had not been allowed to go before! So an MP will visit that area! I was so scared whether I could go
But finally I managed everything and got on the boat! 😍
The mind was enchanted by the clear green-blue water! High mountains and clear green-blue water were capturing these beauties in the camera of the eyes! 💜
On the way we see big stones!






We reached Remakri around 4.30 pm. I will stay in Nafakhum Para at night, so when I get off the boat at Remakri, everyone starts walking from there! After 1.5 hours of darkness on the way! I walked up and down in the dark for about 25 minutes, my friend’s path, Jhiripath without the light of the torch because my friend forgot about the torch.
Anyway, at the end of the trek, when I see the water of Nafakhum as clear as a white cloud in the light of a torch, I forget all the troubles.





That night I pitched a tent in Nafakhum! The wild rooster barbecue of the night still seems to be stuck in the mouth
After eating very early the next day, we started our journey from Nafakhum to Amiyakhum around 6 o’clock! After trekking for almost 2 hours, there is no 20 minute rest in Jinapara! Then I went to Thuisapara and from there I got tired after going up and down the hill for about 1.30 hours! In the hot afternoon sun, everyone’s walking speed is slow! Then we start descending from the steep slope of the god hill! Amiyakhum after descending this slope! The way to get down is risky enough! It takes 45 minutes to get down! Although we were getting off fast! Then I heard the sound of water overcoming all obstacles! In front of the eyes of the eyes dhadhano rupasi amiyakhum! After bathing there, I spent 1.5 hours and started leaving again because I have to go back to Nafakhum before the lights go out! I came back again with the pain of not seeing Velakhum and Satvaikhum! On the way back I was trekking very fast so that I could go back to Nafakhum before evening! Alhamdulillah, I reached Nafakhum before evening! I stayed in Nafakhum that night, then after taking a bath in Nafakhum very early in the day, I set out for Remakri to go back from there! I don’t know when the mood is so bad on the way. 😞






After 2 hours of trekking, I got on the boat after making a lot of noise in Remakri Falls! I got off at Thanchi and from there I got off at Nilgiri on the way back to Bandarban Sadar by moon car. After spending some time in Nilgiris, I returned to Bandarban Sadar! 💔💔

The bus was at 9 pm and I reached Dhaka at 6 am !!
We were a team of 9 people, costing 7200 per person. You can have more or less!

In the end, I will say that whenever I have time, I close my eyes and feel the time again! 💜💜💜




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