Bedding is a different kind of beauty.

In this city, you can’t see far from the verandah of the school. There are brick-by-brick installations all around. There are fields. There are only a few schools. Most of them do not have fields at all.







But when you stand on the verandah of some schools, you can see all the huge mountain groups. There is a wide field in front of the school. There is enough oxygen to fill the chest.

Yes, I saw such a school on the way from Bichanakandi Bazaar to Bichanakandi Zero Point (where everyone goes). (Pictured)

After seeing the school, I wanted to go to this school for a few days. I will go back to my childhood.







Along the way you will find a field covered with green grass. It is next to the border pillar. The experience of watching the cloudy sky lying on that field is not bad. And if it rains, it will be an extraordinary experience.

Now let’s get to the point —

The bedtime season is almost over. Many traveling dear siblings may go to bed this rainy season. Those who go will be able to enjoy a lot of beauty if they go to Bichanakandi Zero Point on foot without getting off the Laguna or CNG by boat.

Another advantage is that if you take the boat, the boatman will give you para to return. But if you walk, there is no one to give para. Spend as much time as you want in cool cool water and then return whenever you like.

On the way back you will find Singara’s shop. Panitate dapadapi hungry stomach. Hot Singara tasted great.
Many times bikes are available from the boat dock or from the market to Zero Point. If you don’t want to walk, you can take a bike. But I think it would be better to walk. On the way back I felt tired and would come by bike.

You can reach Zero Point by walking 30-40 minutes from where the trawlers of Bichanakandi leave.
If you forget the path, just ask a local and he will show you. You can also save location maps on Google Maps.

★ The environment is the gift of the great creator. He has created all this for our benefit. So it is our responsibility to protect it. Let’s keep the area clean and tidy. Let’s throw the garbage in the designated place.


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