Before visiting the fish market, visit Cox’s Bazar

Travel to Cox’s Bazar_


And only a few days later Cox’s Bazar will become a fish market. Worrying about this, we ended our trip to Cox’s Bazar in November.


Not to mention that this time=


1) *** Cox’s Bazar is a very overrated place. Only Inani and Laboni beaches are beautiful. And the viewpoint of Himchhari is beautiful. There is no place to turn. I did a whole week of research before leaving. But I didn’t find anything to see. Just how long can you stay on the beach or feel good?




2) There are many good hotels in Cox’s Bazar who do not have a website or Facebook page. So if you get off the bus and bargain, you will get a good hotel at a low price. Many people think it would be great to see the beach from the hotel room. But it feels good just in the morning. However, the rent for those rooms is much higher, although the quality of the room may not be very good. You will go to the beach again. You don’t see the beach from the room all day, do you?



3) ★★★ Caution: Cox’s Bazar battery-powered auto-drivers are 95% Fraud. So you start bargaining for less than half of the fare you want to get somewhere.



4) Dishonesty: In all shops and hotels, the maximum retail price of mineral water, Coke, Fanta drinks is 5 Tk more than what is written. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. The people of Cox’s Bazar will treat you very badly in this regard. Even if they are threatened with a lawsuit, it will not work. They don’t care about anyone. For people like them, sometimes they want to take a job in the police.


5) Eating – Dawa: Since the price of food in all hotels is like Dhaka. So you can take a  auto/rickshaw ride to Jhautala and there are 3/4 more hotels around it. The cooking of these hotels is good.
Lastly, I wish everyone a happy trip to Cox’s Bazar.


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