Bholagonj Tour at A Low Cost.

Bholaganj has fascinated me, I sure will fascinate you too. If you want to enjoy nature in a noise-free and secluded environment, then the comparison of Bholaganj white stone is only by itself. The clear water of the haor will make your mind forget. And I’m sure you won’t know when the time will pass to enjoy the rhythmic game of clouds with the huge mountains of Meghalaya. It is better to see the rest with your own eyes.



#Travel_story: Going to Sylhet was a hobby for a long time. But I did not think that the day would come in such a hurry. The night before I left, I decided to buy a train ticket online in the morning and see that the ticket was over. I called a friend near the station and asked him to go and see if I had a ticket. Good luck got the ticket.



Understanding the ticket from a friend, the two of us got on the train at 9.50 in the name of Allah. Luck is so good, by the grace of God I was saved on this journey because our train tie accident happened at 12.00 the next night: ‘(



Anyway, I got down at the station in the morning, washed my hands and face, had breakfast, and took a rickshaw to Ambkhana Point. The silent city of the morning will fascinate you. Now it’s time to wait for BRTC. There is no name to come at 7:30. By then I saw some groups had appeared. Then a man came in a hurry and said to buy a ticket, the first bus will leave at half-past eight. I hurriedly cut the ticket and got up on the second floor.



Absolutely left the bus at half-past eight. Not far away came the hilly tea gardens on either side. The fatigue of the night journey was gone in an instant. Garden Perry is a wide-open field on both sides. After crossing the field, Meghalaya’s high hills began to give a little View from a distance. As far as the bus is concerned, it seems that I have just touched the hill.



The bus dropped off at Zero Point Boat Ghat at 9.30 am. I came with an umbrella knowing that it would be very sunny. However, as soon as we got there, a group asked us if we would go to White Stone. Then I got on board with them. I see clear water, they are singing, huge mountains in front. I wish I could spend my whole life like this. Anyway, I reached the white stone in 20 minutes. I couldn’t go down and enjoy the water. It’s like a tidy swimming pool. And the sun was hard. I took a bath.



I am anxious to see the friendship of the clouds with the mountains. What a link they have. Time passed by. I looked around the whole place. Extraordinarily beautiful. I saw him cooking rice on a small platform. I ate Rui fish there. This time it is time to return.



On the way back I would go down to the tea garden. But the objection of the people next to him did not come down. I went to Ambkhana and took a rickshaw to the shrine. After spending some time there, I went by CNG to Shah Paran’s shrine. After visiting the shrine and drinking Satrang’s tea, take the local CNG straight to the bus stop. I did not dare to go on the train after the accident. After eating there, I got on the night bus. I didn’t know how two nights and one day went.



1) → Train / Bus will drop off at Kadamtali in Sylhet (Ana / Hanif / Unique: Fare 480) Train fare: (Shovon Chair 320, Shovon: 270).
Tips: Get on the train. Cost low and comfortable. Book a ticket two days in advance. Get on the train at 10:30 pm to Kadamtali.


2) You will get rickshaw / local CNG / reserve CNG from Kadamtali. Take a rickshaw to Amberkhana CNG station. (Rent Rs. 50)


3) You will get 7 CNG from Vologanj. 150 per person. Get off at Bholaganj Zero Point / Sadapathar Naukaghat.


Tips: There is no need to get on CNG. If you walk 30 seconds from the station, you will find BRTC counter. Cut 60 rupees per ticket and get up on the second floor. Visiting the tea garden will take you down to Bholaganj Boat Ghat in just 1 hour. If BRTC was supposed to leave at 8 am, he left our time at 8.30 am. Then there was no stopping


4) You will get a boat from that ghat. Rent fixed. 600 rupees for a white stone. It will take two hours. One boat can seat eight people.

Tips: The two of us went. Later I connected with a group of seven more people and then fixed the boat.

5) → Return the way you went. Definitely go down to Airport Road Tea Garden on return time. You will come to Amber Khana after seeing the tea garden. Near Shahjalal shrine. You can come to kill. Local CNG goes to Shahparan Mazar from Shahjalal Mazar for 30 rupees. You will get tea at Satrang with the shrine. In the middle, you will get local CNG at the bus stand/train stop. The rent is 40 rupees per person.

Cost: The two of us went. I am calculating per capita here.
Dhaka-Sylhet train: 320
Breakfast: 50
Rickshaw fare: 50
BRTC: 60 + 60 (coming and going)
Boat rent: 100
Lunch: 100
Ambkhana-Shahjalal: 25
Shahjal-Shahparan: 30
Shahparan – Bus Stand: 40
Dinner: 150
Bus ticket: 480
Tea, water bottle, other: 150
Total: Tk. 1620 (per person)

Note: Bholaganj is a clean place. Please do not pollute the environment by throwing packets of dirty chips here and there. It is my responsibility to keep the country clean. Thanks, everyone. Happy traveling ..!


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