“Bilaichhari” —– Kaptai, Rangamati Travel Alert and Budget

** Warning:
1) You must move with the times. Because the local boat + return bus from Rangamati (8:30 pm) runs at Sharp time.
2) There is no SIM network other than Teletalk and Robi.
3) Dhuppani is the pilgrimage place of a Buddhist monk. So don’t come here and shout.



** Must have:
1) Voter ID card (1st priority)
(Otherwise photocopy of College / Varsity ID, Card or Birth Certificate / Passport)
2) Adequate amount of polythene
3) Shoes / sandals suitable for trekking



** Budget:
Bus fare (550 * 2) = 1100 TK
Bilachhari boat from Kaptai (55 * 2) = 110 TK
Friday Lunch and Dinner + Saturday Breakfast (75 + 110 + 60) = TK.
Hotel, boatman, dinghy boat, guide (1000 + 3000 + 1000 + 500 = 5500/6 people) = TK.
Other expenses = 250 TK
গ্রুপ In a group of 6 people, the total cost was around 2400 TK.



** Middle Mobile No:
01558121103 (Nitya Ranjan)
The boat was quite large and the boatman was extremely sincere.
The guide taken from Uluchhari was ‘Tiger’.



[B.D. The day we went to see the fountain, it had rained well for the previous 2/3 days, even in the middle of our trekking it had been raining for quite a long time. So the road was slippery and the fountain was fast enough. If you go in winter, you will be protected from the outbreak of rain.



We reached Kaptai bus stand at 6:40 on the way back to Dhaka, but the last bus was at 8:30. We didn’t get a bus because we were only 10 minutes late. Later I changed CNG 3 times and went to Chittagong bus stand- Dampara. From there I got on the bus to Dhaka.]


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