Boat trips and kayaking on Kaptai Lake.

Kaptai in Chittagong is one of the best places to come to mind with a low cost one day tour. 💜
Especially those who have not yet visited Kaptai from Chittagong, I tell you not to miss such a wonderful place near home.
How to get there:








4 of us went from Chittagong city. For those coming from outside Chittagong, there are direct Kaptai bus services to various places.
You have to take a direct Kaptai bus from Bahaddarhat bus terminal, fare is Tk. 75 (you will know)
There will be suggestions to leave a little earlier, because it will take about two and a half to three hours to reach Kaptai from the terminal. If you leave late, you will not have time to see everything.
If you want to go kayaking from there, you have to go down to “Zoom Restaurant”. From there you will see the banner of “Kaptai Kayak Club” in front. Rent – 2 persons per kayak, Rs. 300 per hour (Rs. 250 with discount)
After kayaking, you can have lunch at “Floating Paradise Restaurant” just above Kayak Point. Much better and affordable.









From there you will go directly to the original Kaptai Lake by CNG. The rent will be 25-30 rupees per person. You will get up by bargaining.
(There is Kaptai Hydropower Station. If anyone has a pass or acquaintance, you can come back.)
When renting a boat on Kaptai Lake, keep in mind the rent. They will charge 3-4 hundred rupees per hour.
We bargained for 150 TK per hour.
I rented 150 TK, but the beauty I enjoyed is more than 150 crore TK
It is heavenly to see two rainbows rise and fall in front of your eyes
If you have time after visiting Kaptai Lake, you can go to Navy Camp, that place is beautiful. We couldn’t go because we didn’t have time.



On the way back from Kaptai, the direct Kaptai to Bahaddarhat bus is very late. So I will suggest those who will return to Chittagong city to move from Kaptai to Lichubagan, the fare is 35 rupees per person on CNG.
Then leave the bus from Lichubagan for 10-15 minutes in a row to the city, the fare is 45 rupees per person.
In this way, you can easily return to Kaptai with a one-day tour at a low cost


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