Budget Tour Darjeeling, Mirik, Kalimpong.

Darjeeling is called by the hand cataract of stunning natural beauty. As far as the eye can see, it is as if the mountain is leaning on the hill. Just as the tallest building in the city touches the sky, so do the towering hills in Darjeeling. It is as if the clouds are floating and wrapping the mountain in a white sheet. If you want to see this game of cloud mountains, you have to come to Darjeeling, along with Mirik and Kalimpong. I have been to Darjeeling 6 times. Experience going through all the borders. Let’s talk about visa-



Visa: If you want to go by road, you have to take a visa through Banglabandha (Phulbari) border. Note: Chengrabandha (Burimari) border will have to go around a lot of time. And those who want to go by air can use Dhaka-Kolkata-Bagdogra route. If the paperwork is correct, the visa will be full.
Now it’s time to go. You have to go to Siliguri no matter which border you go through. I first went in November 2011. After that, I had the opportunity to visit Darjeeling 5 more times. We left at night and reached the border in the morning. There is no better way to have fresh and breakfast. I have breakfast when I am fresh and poor. But now there has been little development. I crossed the border without any hassle, but as usual, I had to pay 200 rupees for speedy rescue. After crossing the border, the rented car will reach the destination Siliguri. We are two friends, so we walked two steps, ate and drank, and left for Siliguri.

Darjeeling: You have to take a jeep from Siliguri (NGP) railway station. Even if you don’t get a call from anyone in your life, you are sure to get a call from the jeep drivers here. It does not love so there’s no rush to get one and get another. If you have money, don’t reserve, if you don’t, go in a shared jeep-like me. I left for Darjeeling in a shared jeep for 120 rupees. Darjeeling is a 4-hour drive from Siliguri. After some distance, the winding mountain path started. I am sure those who go for the first time will start reciting Doa Kalam because after 15/20 seconds there is a dangerous turn. Once to the left, once to the right. It will feel like a car race! After going some distance, all the fears disappeared and then I started seeing the beauty of Darjeeling with my own eyes. I could not understand when the fatigue of the journey was gone. After going some distance, the cloud came and turned around. This is the first time I have touched the clouds. And alas for those who could not see the clouds even though they were rich. What is the use of so much money if we can’t see this world with two eyes? Infinite will lose itself in seeing this beauty. But if you have a girlfriend or wife, it is different. Many were upset at the thought of this wife. T-break to make the mind better. There is no need to just drink tea at tea break, you can also drink coffee. After 2 hours I ate Momo at break. And I don’t know exactly how many pictures I took. As soon as I came to the break for the first time, my memory became full. Anyway, after a break of 30 minutes, the journey started again. Again right-left means that zigzag path. I went down to Darjeeling and walked near the mail. It is very cold in Darjeeling but you have to keep it warm with pictures on Facebook. So you have to take the hotel that has Wifi. I bought a hotel for 600 rupees. Screaming was pretty good with the hotel Wifi was free. Freshened up, I went out in the afternoon for a walk. There is a road to the south from the mail (danger if you don’t know the north-south). Take a tour of your choice. I make arrangements to go around the next day. The hotel you will be staying at will also manage the car/package or offer many driver cum guides on the road to visit different spots. Guys, guys, where to go, what to see. When you come to Darjeeling, don’t go without seeing.
1. Tiger Hill II. Buddhist Temple 3. Batasia loop 4. Japanese Temple 5. Sleep station 6. Rock Garden 6. T Garden 6. Ropeway 9. St. Joseph’s School 10. Darjeeling Zoo 11. Hillary-Tenzing Club. All rounds will be over in 1 day. We left the next morning for Mirik.




Where to stay:


You will find hotels in Darjeeling wherever you look. There are good quality hotels near Mail. Even if you don’t book in advance. Hotels of 800 to 3000 rupees will match.
Mirik: I left Darjeeling in a shared jeep for 100 rupees for Mirik. The driver left the Nepali song and the journey seemed sweet. On the way, I saw many pine trees. I saw some shooting spots and tourist spots but did not get off the share jeep. Aslam left Miri just to regret it. The path from Mirik Bazar to Mirik Lake is 5 rupees. I stayed at a hotel near Mirik Lake. 900 rupees per night. A very small hill town. I went out in the afternoon to look around. In the afternoon I visited Sumendu Lake, the main attraction of Mirik. I have traveled a lot in the car and this time I had a little fun riding a horse near Sumendu Lake for 100 rupees. You will see the city coming from the lake and the clouds are covering it and the city is rising from the gap of the clouds. This is like a game of cloud city. The next day I bought a half-day tour package. I turned around and saw 1. Fool’s Cave (Buddhist Temple) T Garden 3. Ramite Dara (Mirik viewpoint) 4. Swiss cottage 5. Tingling viewpoint 6. Nepal viewpoint. In 2016, I visited the above spots for 200 rupees for 2 people.




Where to stay: It is better to stay in a hotel by the lake. Here you will find hotels of many rates starting from 600/700 rupees. You will also find many lodges/cottages.
Kalimpong: We were in Kalimpong for 2 days and 1 night. Went in the morning. It was great to see the Cactus Garden. Assorted Bahari all cactus. You must be fascinated to see so many cactus and cactus flowers together. If the range is small

And don’t really miss Kalimpong. Entry Indian citizen Rs. 20 / -, foreigner Rs. 100 / -. Then I went to Dello to do Parag riding. 3000 / – per person. A unique experience of 15 minutes flying in the sky. Such opportunities are rarely available. You can fly money if you want but you can’t fly yourself. Now the decision is yours. Science City, a short distance from Dello. I toured Science City on a small scale. The outside looks more beautiful from the inside of Science City. In the afternoon we went to the Big Temple Mangal Dham temple in Kalimpong, 500/600 feet below the city. I like a clean and quiet environment. I left the hotel on the 2nd day. I will return to Siliguri after rafting today’s plan. There are some packages for rafting. For example 7/8 people 5-6 km. 5000 / – Rs., 4/6 people 2-3 km 3000 / – Rs. Even if you don’t know how to swim. You just have to be able to hold on tight to the rope. If you miss the experience of floating in the water of Sikkim, you will have to suffer later. I have been floating in the water for so long, now I am floating in the water. I had to pay Rs. 300 / – for the video. If you want you can also take the experience of rafting, hopefully, it will be much better. I could not see Kalimpong’s famous dense green forest Lolegaon due to lack of time. Don’t miss it. After spending 2 wonderful days in Kalimpong, I caught the car to Siliguri.






Where to stay: There are many hotels on Upper Cart Road. There will be some hotels on Rinkingpong Road. However, there are many lodges/cottages.
I don’t know how to return. And when the money is gone, there is no word, you will see that you have already reached home.
Budget: The tour will be within 16/17 thousand rupees.
Note: Parag riding, rafting will increase the budget a little.
Route: Banglabandha-Siliguri-Darjeeling-Mirik-Kalimpong by road from Dhaka. By Air, Dhaka-Kolkata-Bagdogra.
Eating and drinking: Eat whatever you want without the doctor’s prescription.
Travel while maintaining clean cleanliness. Keep the world beautiful.


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