Camping in the forest of Char Kukri-Mukri.

Char Kukri Mukri of the infinite beauty of nature. I really did not know that there are so many beautiful things in Bhola district. Silent nature, surrounded by greenery and a group of free winged birds will sing to you. As the animals graze across the horizon, it feels like a carefully painted canvas. The beach here is also quite clean and secluded. Among the animals seen in the forest of Char Kukri Mukri are Chitra deer, monkey, otter, fox etc. Among the inhabitants of this forest as birds and reptiles are various species of deer, forest rooster, conch, Mathura, woodpecker, quail, guisamp, beji, tortoise and various kinds of snakes.









Tour plan:
Thursday, December 13
The journey from Sadarghat in Dhaka to Bholar Ghosh Hat started at 5.00 pm. Everyone will leave by 5.00 pm.

Friday, December 14
After reaching Bholar Ghosh Hat in the morning, I will have breakfast and go directly to Char Kachhpia Ghat. From there I will go by trawler to Char Kukri Mukri. After lunch we will go out to see the surroundings and that night we will stay in Kali Char and camp next to it where it is suitable for pitching a tent. That means staying on two islands for two nights where there is no settlement.









Saturday, December 15:
After seeing the sunrise in the morning, we went around the area for breakfast and when the boat arrived, we first came to Tarua beach. Our engine boat will run for over an hour. There is also a huge jump in nature to feel good. I will take a picture while walking on the beach for a while and soak my feet in the sea water. From here our final destination Sonar Char will be camping here at night. That means staying on two islands for two nights where there is no settlement. At night there will be a barbecue party and flying lanterns








Sunday, December 16:
The next day I will return to Bhola on the same route and catch the last afternoon launch to Dhaka.

Monday, December 16:
InshaAllah we will reach Dhaka in the morning with some beautiful happy memories.

Travel cost: Rs. 4200 (more or less)







Last date for sending money: 6th December 2017.

Whatever you get at this cost
1. All types of transportation costs.
2. Stay overnight from 13th to 16th December, breakfast, lunch, dry food, dinner.
3. Bar BQ.
4. Guide costs.
5. Life jacket.
. Sleeping bag.
. Tent.

What is not included with the event cost:
1. Personal expenses.
2. Necessary medicine.

— Everything to take with you —
1. Shoes or sandals suitable for walking in water
2. Sunglasses, hat, sun cream
3. Umbrella, raincoat, rain cover
4. Towels
5. Water bottle
. Necessary medicine
. Light back-pack

Rules for confirmation:
Those who are interested to go can definitely confirm their seats by depositing Rs. Booking money is non-refundable, but your replacement will be refunded to anyone.

Development Number: 01719-10556, 01712921960 (Personal)
Of course after sending money to Bikash
*** You will confirm with a comment on your event page with your Transaction ID or

*** 01712921980 You can inform Rimon Bhai by phone / message
(If you do not do 1 of the above 2, your seat will not be confirmed) or
*** You can also confirm by depositing money in person by meeting directly.

Remember it is not a package tour. You have to have the mindset to accept any kind of problem. Those who are looking for a travel event to relax are politely advised to stay away from this event. It’s a bit of an extreme event.
*** Since there is no high quality hotel for overnight stay, overnight accommodation will be provided in tents where flooring is required but we will provide tent sleeping bags.

*** Take light clothes and towels to stay for 2 days.
*** Caps, sunglasses,
*** Plastic Sandals Pegasus / Pearsons (Gulistan Footpath or Any Adventure Shop
*** Necessary Medicine. (Pain Killer, Muscle Relaxant, Malaria Remedy, Orsaline)

Contact for any need: – Roman Bhai 0171910556 Rimon Bhai 01712921980 Rafia Apu 0192656414


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