Chandpur city is on the list of short tours.

Wanting to give a tour too? Less money in hand? Less time? Then Chandpur city can be a place in your short tour list. The place is not bad as a one day tour.






How to go:

Go to Sadarghat in the morning. Go and board a launch directly in Chandpur. The first launch leaves at 8:00 am. After a while it launched one by one. Launch rental ranges from Rs 100-600 depending on the quality. If you buy a deck ticket with 100 rupees, you will save money and you will be able to enjoy the amazing view on both sides by leaning on the side of the railing. However, due to the lack of seating in this case, your legs may not be healthy when you reach Chandpur. So you will go to the chair coach with 150 rupees. You will find at least one place to rest.









The best way to eat on the way out is to eat from home. And if you want to eat out completely, you can have a meal at the hotel. It’s best to avoid lunch canteen food because they put extra costs. Chail can also eat with food from outside to see the view outside. Launch Journey, whatever you eat will be good.









After reaching Chandpur

It will take three to three and a half hours to reach. Wash your hands and face from the launch and come out fresh. Know the schedule from the ghat and then get out. Get out and take an auto to the big station. Auto rental 10 rupees. Will drop in front of the tourist center. The place is still under construction. But when it is over, it will be a fairly beautiful place. There you will find hotpot, fuska, muri for a light breakfast. I don’t know about the others, the cover is deadly. Maybe there was hunger in the stomach. A good place to hang out is the district tourist center. One and a half hours can be spent effortlessly.









Now your stomach will rumble. You would think that a lot of light breakfast was done, this time let’s have a little stomach fullness. Naturally go to the rice hotel. Go and get rice and fish. Hilsa fish fried and small fish curry of the river. Eat with potatoes and pulses. It would be great. One piece of fish will cost 60-70 rupees. 200-250 per person can eat quite well.

You can only do this when you have a maximum of two. If it is more then you can do another job. Get out of the tourist center and walk towards the railway station. You can reach by walking for 3-4 minutes. If you are a rail fan, you can see the train for a while. But your target is the fish market on the opposite side of the station. Go and see the hilsa out. The price is also lower than in Dhaka. Buy hilsa fish based on the number of people with. There were four of us. I took a medium size hilsa with 400 / -. The season will get even lower. It seems normal to go out with fish. Instead, go a little deeper. See how many rice hotels. Go into one as you like. Go and catch the fish and tell it to fry. Depending on the size of the fish can take up to 80-150 rupees per fish. In half an hour you will have the fish ready and in front of you. When you keep dipping your wrist with washed hot rice, mashed potatoes and pulses, you will feel that it is true, it is selfish to be a Bengali. If there is a pabda fish curry with it, then there is no point. We went to Manu Mia’s hotel. Our bill including fried fish is 400 / -.






That’s the main course. This time dessert. Take another auto to Kalibari. Rent 5 / -. Find the famous “One Minute” sweet shop. Go and ask for an ice cream. 40 / -. I leave the evaluation of it to you. Not to mention everything.

If you have time, you can come to the big station and chat, otherwise you can go to the launch dock and try to return to Dhaka.

This way you can come up with a fairly short tour. We have spent about 600 / – per person.

You can use MV gold boat, Raffarf, Al Borak, Peacock to come and go. The rent for all of them is pretty much the same.

Edit: An older brother added this information.

At present the launch is from 8 am and the next launch is at 8.20 am Sonartari.
Then from 8.00, 8.35, 9.15, 9.50, 10.50, 11.45 to 12.30 at night
Leave at the scheduled time.

Those who want to go in the morning and return in the afternoon can return to the launch at 3.40, 5.00, or 6.00 and 7.00 in the evening.

Deck Rent-100,
Chair non AC-150

Cabin non AC single 400-500


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