Chandranath turned to the hill to get a handful of clouds.

Chandranath Peak, located to the east of Sitakunda town, is about 1,020 feet (approximately) or (310 m) high and is the highest point in Chittagong district. Not to mention the beauty of Chandranath. The beauty of this temple located thousands of feet above is unique. Chandranath hill in Sitakunda is a very important religious place for the followers of traditional religions.





It is difficult to meet people who are not tired of climbing high stairs, dirt roads, winding mountain paths. But all the fatigue is gone in an instant with the beauty of Chandranath’s peak. Be sure to take dry food and water from the bottom. Take a rest, it will not feel much pain.








*** It was difficult for some people to leave packets of chips, bottles, etc. here. Don’t ruin the beauty of such a beautiful place by throwing garbage. It is our responsibility to keep the environment of these tourist spots good. ***


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