Chittagong to St. Martin.

You must visit St. Martin to see how beautiful nature is.
And if you don’t have electricity, you have to know how to survive here because there is only electricity from 6 pm to 12 midnight and often it takes 11 hours.
So in the evening I started running with the charger in that area.
So those who will go will take more power bank and don’t know what is the price of 1% charge of mobile without coming here.
The quality of food is very low (unclean) because there is not much development
If the people of Chittagong are here, they can take a separate part
We were staying at the resort of a member of that union. We were also in the party. Everyone thought we were his relatives.








You can stay for two or three days within 2,000-2,500 rupees if you are from Chittagong.
You have to bargain with them as it is the language of Chittagong and it is better to visit a few without visiting a restaurant.
Our only dialogue was ‘Mamu business will be poor that business will not go to Baingar’.
Everything is available cheaply on group tours of 8-10 people.
St. Martin’s Ship Journey is great if you don’t take the Green Line Ship because you can’t have fun with Seagulls on the Green Line and the whole ship, and of course you have to go to Cheddar Island and Cinnamon Island if you want to have real fun in St. Martin, if we have good security in Bollywood. Many movies may have been shot on the island









And don’t forget to visit Humayun Ahmed’s house ‘Samudra Bilash’.
Our tour was two nights a day to St. Martin and Cox’s Bazar costing us only TK 2,600.
It is better to go to St. Martin and book a hotel. You can go there and bargain and bring it to 600-700. You have to book it with 1500 TK.






B: The main purpose of doing this post is to make many people think that even going to St. Martin cost a lot to get good money, but when I go there, I see the opposite story.
So I hope they will benefit from reading this post.


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